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Renee's 7' 6" 4wt. 2pc. Pacific Bay Tradition - Fly Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Pacific Bay Tradition eBay $20
Length - 7' 6"    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Moderate    
Finish - Gloss Brown / Plum    
Modulus - 43 million    
Tip top - PAC Bay Black Hook & Hackle $1.00
Guides - Pacific Bay Single Foot Snake Guides, Black Hook & Hackle $5.75
Stripper - Pacific Bay Hiloy, Black Hook & Hackle  
Hookkeeper - Pacific Bay Standard U, Black Hook & Hackle $0.25
Winding Check - Black Vinyl Hook & Hackle $0.50
Grips - Custom Turned 7" Reverse Half Wells by MP    
Grip Materials - Grade A Natural Cork Bingham Enterprises $2.16
(4 @ $0.54)
  Natural (Brown) Burl Cork Bingham Enterprises $2.40
(6 @ $0.40)
  Red Burl Cork Bingham Enterprises $0.40
(1 @ $0.40)
  Rubberized Burl Cork Bingham Enterprises $1.02
(2 @ $0.51)
Reel Seat - PAC Bay A7, Black w/
Buckeye Burl Insert and Mini Fighting Butt
Winslow Rods $30
    Rough Component Cost - $64.00
Other Details      
Thread -

Main Wraps - Gudebrod Nylon , Size A, in Goldenrod (0209), Garnet (0206) and Orange (0221). Diamond Wrap adds Tan (0290)

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat    

This rod is not a "MP" rod, but rather a R&M rod...yes this is Renee's first custom rod. She did all of the design work, picked out all the components, and the two of us together did the assembly and wraps. Renee was even the one to go through Clemen's "Advanced Custom Rod Building" and pick out the Split Diamond Wrap...the first time I tried this easy alternative to the standard cross wrap.

Things I learned while building this rod

Well for starters, I learned how to do the split diamond wrap! No more difficult than any other cross wrap, just that it's done in a different sequence. On the downside, while boring out the reel seat to fit the blank, we created some scuffing on the reel seat insert (if you look close at the picture you can clearly see it). This was caused by the lower ring spinning up onto the insert while drilling it out on the lathe. Lesson learned - ream your reel seats out PRIOR to assembly!

Renee's handle assembly. The Buckeye Burl reel seat Renee's custom grip - yes it's her design.
The topside inscription...a quote from a song... by "Taj Mahal". The underside sports all the specifications of the rod...
...and we finish up with a short inscription denoting this as Renee's Rod. The Split Diamond cross wrap, when viewed from above. The same wrap, viewed from the side.
A close-up of the split diamond wrap. Renee's Stripper Guide. The black single foot snake guides.


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