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9' 7wt. 2pc. Lamiglas IM700 Fly Rod
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Lamiglass IM700 eBay $75
Length - 9'    
Weight - 7 wt.    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Fast    
Finish - Gloss Brown    
Modulus - IM7 Graphite (approx 48 mil. modulus)    
Tip top - Pac Bay Black, Large Loop Hook & Hackle $1.00
Guides - Pac Bay Black Traditional (Double Foot) Snake Guides Hook & Hackle $6.00
Hookkeeper - Pac Bay U Shaped, Black Hook & Hackle


Winding Check - Black Vinyl Hook & Hackle


Grips - MP Custom Turned Full Wells, 7.5"    
Grip Materials - Grade A Natural Cork Bingham Enterprises $4.90
(10 @ $0.49)
  Burl Cork (Red) Bingham Enterprises $1.40
(3.5 @ $0.40)
  Rubberized Cork Bingham Enterprises $1.02
(2 @ $0.51)
Fighting Butt - MP Custom Turned 2.5" Fighting Butt    
Fighting Butt Materials- Black 2" Fighting Butt Arbor Hook & Hackle $9.00
  Grade A Natural Cork Bingham Enterprises $1.47
(3 @ $0.49)
  Burl Cork (Red) Bingham Enterprises $0.60
(1.5 @ $0.40)
  Rubberized Cork Bingham Enterprises $0.51
(1 @ $0.51)
Reel Seat - Pac Bay A8, Black with Winslow Insert (Snakewood?) Winsow Rods $35
    Rough Component Cost - $137
Other Details      
Thread -

Gudebrod Nylon , Size A, in Black (0001), Tan (0290) and Rust (0257). Ferrule Wrap adds Med. Brown (0541).

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat    

This rod is available for purchase at $345 - Wow, patience and attention to detail turned out a rod I'm most satisfied with (and honestly want to keep, but should sell).

Things I learned while building this rod

Due to all the labeling already on the Lamiglass blank, it didn't leave much room for any "traditional" decorative work. However, I did find places where I could place small wraps in a decorative and FUNCTIONAL fashion. As the inscription reads, "This Rod Rules", quite literally. The underside bears marks for 18", 19", 20", 24" and 30" from the end of the fighting butt - it's a handy, quick guide to your fish size.

An overview of this stunning 9' 7wt. The custom fighting butt.

The Winslow reel seat.

The custom full wells grip. The hook keeper and winding check. The topside inscription.
The bottom inscription with some instructions on how to measure with this rod.

A sample view of the underside of the measurement wraps.

The Lamiglas label.
A stripping guide. The Ferrule wrap - this was the closest brown I had, but it still doesn't quite match the blank color. The snake guide.
The tip top.    


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