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9' 7wt. 2pc. St. Croix Avid (SCIII) - Fly Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - St. Croix Avid (SCIII) Hook & Hackle $83 (special order)
Length - 9'    
Weight - 7    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Mod-Fast    
Finish - Matte Black    
Modulus - 43 million    
Tip top - Pac Bay Black, Large Loop Hook & Hackle $1
Guides - Pac Bay Single Foot Snake Guides, Black Hook & Hackle $6
Hookkeeper - Fuji Flip Up, Black, Lg Hook & Hackle $3.20
Winding Check - Black Vinyl Hook & Hackle $0.50
Grip Pac Bay Full Wells, FINE grade. Hook & Hackle $20
Reel Seat - Pac Bay A8 Channel Lock, Black Hook & Hackle $13
Fighting Butt - Pac Bay 2", Black Hook & Hackle $9
    Rough Component Cost - $136
Other Details      
Thread -

Main Wraps - Gudebrod Nylon , Size A, in Gray aka. Charcoal (0441).

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat    

A truly straightfoward build - after casting several of my 6-8wt. rods, Ken liked my St. Croix Avid the best. The only real thing we changed was the hook keeper, grip, reel seat and butt assembly, using better stuff from Pac Bay than what the St. Croix rods come with.

Things I learned while building this rod

Just a reminder, the Pac Bay Channel Lock series use a different butt plug for removeable butts than their A7 and A8 series do.

Ken also had the brilliant idea to put his phone number on the rod should he ever lose it!

Ken's handleset, where most of the "improvements" over a factory rod were made. The stock 2" fighting butt by Pac Bay. The Pac Bay channle lock reel seat holds a large reel better than any other I've tried.
We upgraded Ken's grip to a Fine grade from Pac Bay - the Struble cost the same, I ordered both, I liked the Pac Bay more. The winding check and hook keeper. St. Croix's decal on top...
With Ken's custom inscription on the bottom.

I blocked out part of Ken's # to ensure his me the whole number is on the rod ;)

One of the Black Hiloy Stripper Guide by Pac Bay.
The single foot snake guides. All the guides were chosen in an "oversized" configuration to enable large knots to go through the system unimpeded.  


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