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7' 6" 3wt. 2 piece Forecast - Fly Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Forecast Hook & Hackle $12 (sale)
Length - 7'    
Weight - 3    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Fast    
Finish - Gloss Blue    
Modulus - 33 million    
Tip top - Pac Bay Black, Standard Loop Hook & Hackle $1
Guides - Pacific Bay Single Foot Snake Guides, Black Hook & Hackle $4
Hookkeeper - Pac Bay U Shaped, Black Hook & Hackle $0.25
Winding Check - Black Vinyl Hook & Hackle $0.25
Grips - Custom Turned 7.5" "Fluted Cigar" by MP + 1.25" Mini fighting butt.    
Grip Materials - Rubberized Cork Bingham Enterprises $3.57
(7 @ $0.51)
  Red Burl Cork Bingham Enterprises $4.40
(11 @ $0.40)
Reel Seat - Damon Mortised Angle Cut Bloodwood, U3 style hardware in Black. Damon Rods $25
    Rough Component Cost - $50
Other Details      
Thread -

Main Wraps - Gudebrod Nylon , Size A, in Gray (0245) and Scarlet (0326). Decorative Wrap Gudebrod Butt Wind, 1/16th, in Black & Scarlet.

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat    

This rod has been sold - The asking price was $175.

I loved everything about this rod EXCEPT for a couple minor details that most builders would overlook.

Despite tons of work, this rod had a couple flaws as it was first built. Foremost, the diamond wrap took tons of thread and time to create the closed look. As it utilized some Gudebrod "Butt Wind" in the pattern, it is rather "lumpy". Despite extra coats of color preserver to ensure that all the air in the wrap had been displaced, I still got 3 large bubbles in the finish that seeped out from the wrap even after also being flamed twice. Sanding them out to exposed them and a 2nd application of finish did NOT fix them either. Top it off with the fact that I just don't like the look of the wrap, and I've considered this to be a blemished product. It's funny, after seeing some other custom rods built this weekend by long-time builders, 3 bubbles in the finish is NOTHING. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so while others would consider this rod FINE for sale, by all professional standards I consider it a blemish.

Oh, but there's more I screwed up too - I MISNUMBERED the rod. It's labeled as #41, when in actuality it's #42.

I removed the butt decoration on this rod and rewrapped it as well as fixed my labeling mistake. Only took a couple hours to get it up to par!

Things I learned while building this rod

Sometimes, even the best efforts can fall short of the goal.

An overview the handleset on this 3 wt. The custom mini fighting butt. The Damon Rods mortised, angle-cut bloodwood reel seat.
Another view of the bloodwood seat when the sun catches it just right :) The custom MP grip. The hook keeper and winding check.
The first "blemmed" part of this rod is the diamond wrap. 1st, I really ended up NOT liking it. 2nd, there are three large & noticable bubbles in the finish, all which came up from the center of the diamonds despite ample color preserving (which drives out gasses). I intend to redo this. The original upper inscription. The original inscription on the underside, the other "blemmed" part as I mislabeled this one as #41, when it's actually #42.
An overview of the reworked butt decoration and inscriptions. The rewritten upper inscription. The reworked lower inscription, now numbered correctly.
A closeup of the Gudebrod Butt Wind on this rod. The black hiloy stripper guide. The black single foot snake guides.
The black tip top.    

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