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Fatman's 7' 3wt. - the Blue Rod!
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Cabela's PT Cabela's $57
Weight - 3 wt.    
Length - 7'    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Moderate Progressive Taper (hence "PT")    
Finish - Gloss Brown    
Modulus - 43 million    
Cabela's Standard Component Kit, INCLUDES: $42
Tip top - Chrome Cabela's  
Guides - Double Foot Snake Guides, Chrome Cabela's  
Stripper - Black (I swapped for a chrome Hialoy) Cabela's  
Hookkeeper - Standard U, Chrome Cabela's  
Grip - Reverse Fine Wells Cabela's  
Reel Seat - Uplocking Silver Cabela's  
    Rough Component Cost - $99
Other Details      
Thread - Gudebrod Nylon, Size A, in Royal Blue (0245) and Black (0001), and Gudebrod Metallic, Size A, in Silver (9002)
Color Preserver - U-40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat    
I LOVE THIS BLANK! It's crisp; yet it's a 3 wt. You can tell it's gonna be both delicate and athoritative all depending on how you handle it!
Things I learned while building this rod

"Clients" can have really good ideas! The solid blue wraps were totally Rich's idea, and mane I thought they'd look like junk but they are SWEEEEEET! Again, as per Rich's suggestion, I experimented on this rod incorporating both my first Diamond Wrap AND my first weave (talk about teadious thread art, the weaves are horrendous, and this was only a 7 thread pattern)!

Fat's 7' 3wt. The tiptop wrap is pretty much decorative only according to Dave @ Creekside. Guide Wraps on the double foot snake guides.
I ditched the crappy black stripper and replaced it with a Chrome Hialoy. This is TEDIOUS work, but the name weaving is kinda neat. The first Diamond Wraps I did, as seen from the top the rod.
How these diamond wraps look from the side. Only left myself a tiny spot to sign this rod on the underside. The standard seat and grip that came with the Cabela's component kit.
A closeup of the downlocking reel seat.    



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