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MP's 6' 6" 2wt. - Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Rainshadow RX7 IF662 Creekside Outfitters $47
Weight - 2wt.    
Length - 6' 6"    
Pieces - 2    
Action - Moderate    
Finish - Matte Black    
Modulus - 43 million    
Tip top - Pacific Bay Black Hook & Hackle $1
Guides - Pacific Bay Single Foot Snake Guides, Black Hook & Hackle $6
Stripper - Hiloy, Black Hook & Hackle  
Hookkeeper - Fuji Flip Up, Black Hook & Hackle $4
Grip - 8" Rev Wells, Custom Turned by MP    
Burl Cork - Grade B 1/2" rings 14 @ $0.25 each
Cork - AAA Natural 1/2" rings 2 @ $0.95 each
Reel Seat - Pacific Bay A7, Black Creekside Outfitters $22
Reel Seat Insert - Woven Graphite, Black    
    Rough Component Cost - $86.50
Other Details      
Thread - Gudebrod Nylon, Size A, in Royal Blue (0245) and Black (0001)
Color Preserver - Gudebrod
Finish - Cabela's    
SWEET rod, turned out just as I had planned it. I had heard that this blank casts better when overlined with 3 wt. line; I started with Orvis Wonderline DT 2wt and was semi biggest complaint there is that I couldn't roll cast far enough at times. This rod is ideal for really, really tight quarters though, and when loaded it can cast some distance.
Things I learned while building this rod

This was actually my first hand-turned grip. Paying attention to details always pays off. Being my absolute first attempt at turning cork, when I was gluing the cork rings I actually started with the WORST of the Grade B Burl rings (afterall, if I screw it up, no big deal). Many of the rings had big chunks that caused their ends to be unlevel. Simply sanding them flat before gluing fixed that. What REALLY got me going was when I faced all the big chunks on the same side of the grip which resulted in a really distinct look, especially after turning and sanding.

Later, when gluing the cork grip to the blank, I decided to "face" it to the right, on the same side I reel with. Now, whenever I shoot a picture of this rod with a fish, the BEST side of the cork grip is right there in plain view with the fish, making the whole thing look that much better. Think about it, I'm not looking at my grip when I'm fishing, but I WILL be appreciating it's beauty when it's lying next to that gorgeous brook trout!

The first thing that EVERYONE commented about on this rod was the custom turned grip. This rod balances PRETTY well with the Teton #3 Fly Reel.- The stripper guide
The Signature Block - this was done with Cabela's Paint Pens (in silver). The Fuji Flip-Up Hook Keeper. One more look, showing the ferrule wrap and single foot snake guides.



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