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Gill's "Blue Rod" - 7' 6" 4wt. - Fly Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Forecast Hook & Hackle $18 (sale)
Weight - 4 wt.    
Length - 7' 6"    
Pieces - 5    
Action - Fast    
Finish - Deep Gloss Navy Blue    
Modulus - 31 million    
Tip top - Cedar River True Blue see reel seat
Guides - Cedar River True Blue Snake Guides see reel seat
Stripper - Cedar River True Blue  
Hookkeeper - Cedar River True Blue U-Shaped see reel seat
Winding Check - Nickle Silver Hook & Hackle $4
Grip - A Grade Inletted Reverse Half Wells Hook & Hackle $9
Reel Seat - Cedar River True Blue Channel Lock CL7 entire true-blue
kit $55
    Rough Component Cost - $86
Other Details      
Thread -

Main Wraps - HT Metallic Blue, Gudebrod Size A Nylon in Navy (0066) for the ferrule wraps and White (0002) in the cross-wrap.

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flex Coat Regular, Refinished Butt with Gudebrod Regular No-Mix    

Gill was the winner of the 8th raffle prize in the Team Ozark Chronicles raffle for Hooked on a Cure. In a nutshell, I made a North vs. South challenge that we (the North) could purchase more raffle tickets than Matt Tucker's Readers (the South). My offer was a special surprise should we lose. In the spirit of friendly competition, Ron Caimi countered by offering up a bamboo blank if we purchased more raffle tickets than the South.

Well, the North Lost, I had to eat crow. Gill won this 8th raffle prize, a 7'6" 4wt trout COMBO, which includes a Hobb's Creek Large Arbor HCI, backing, as well as Courtland 555 WFF 4wt line donated by Rods by Rick.

Things I learned while building this rod

Never build a rod outside. Ok, let me rephrase, never FINISH a rod outside. I was forced to do this one on the screen porch...thought everything was going OK until I found 2 gnats in the finish! ACK. I was able to sand them down and refinish without a hitch.

But then, as I took the rod outside to photograph it, I noticed that all the finish on the butt section was CLOUDY?! This has NEVER happened before..I sanded it down and had to refinish the entire butt section. It came out much nicer, but still a bit cloudy in my eyes. I've never had problems like this when working indoors, and on future rods the "screen porch" is NOT an option.

Gill's "Blue Rod" Since the stripper guides came in Silver with a Blue Ring, I felt that the silver & blue reel seat was better than the solid blue. The handle assembly on Gill's rod.
Check out the Nickle Silver Winding Check and True Blue Hook Keeper! An overview of the butt work on Gill's rod. A closer look at the double cross wrap I put onto this one. Not exactly what Gill asked me to do, but I think this one looked better.
Gill wanted a LONG inscription; it took three lines. I had to make some drastic edits to get a fit. The first reads, "Blue Rod". Line #2 reads "2004 Trout Bum North vs. South" The last like reads "Team Ozark Chronicles".
The "makers inscription" on the underside fits a bit more neatly. The "True Blue" stripper guide. Check out these stunning "True Blue" Snake Guides by Cedar River.
I think the tip top just about sums up this rod...LOTS OF BLUE. Did I mention it's built on a Forecast Blank (which is also blue)?    



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