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Spin's 7' 6" 4wt. - Rod Specs
Cost (approx.)
Blank - Forecast Hook & Hackle $18 (sale)
Weight - 4 wt.    
Length - 7' 6"    
Pieces - 5    
Action - Fast    
Finish - Deep Gloss Navy Blue    
Modulus - 31 million    
Tip top - Pacific Bay Chrome Hook & Hackle $1
Guides - Pacific Bay Single Foot Snake Guides, Chrome Hook & Hackle $4.50
Stripper - Hiloy, Chrome Hook & Hackle  
Hookkeeper - Standard U, Chrome Hook & Hackle $0.25
Winding Check - Nickle Silver Hook & Hackle $3.50
Grip - A Grade Hook & Hackle $9.00
Reel Seat - Titanium Carbide Uplocking Damon Rods $18
Reel Seat Insert - Cherry Burl    
    Rough Component Cost - $55
Other Details      
Thread -

Gudebrod Nylon Classic Twist, Size A, in Black & White (0211) and Gudebrod Metallic, Size A, in Copper (0075). Ferrule Wraps in Gudebrod Nylon, Size, in Navy (0068)

I found the first two threads at Jann's Netcraft and picked up the Copper at Cabela's.

Color Preserver - U40 Color Lock
Finish - Flexcoat High Build    
I originally built this rod for public sale, but honestly loved it so much I couldn't part with it that way. I personally don't need yet another 4 wt., so when heading up to fish with SPIN it hit me, it'd make a nice surprise for my buddy!
Things I learned while building this rod

I tried doing "amazing wraps" that utilized black pen on gray thread...everything looked great until I applied color preserver and everything just ran together. I ended up finding Gudebrod's Classic Twist thread...looks the same as what I had come up with, well actually better, it didn't bleed, and well it makes for some really unique wraps! BTW this 5 pc. blank I could actually cast 10 feet farther than Ken's 2 pc blank!

An overview of this 5 piece 4wt 7'6" Forecast fly rod. NAVY thread is the ticket for unobtrusive ferrule wraps on Forecast blanks. I typically feel that these mulit-piece blanks look better if you don't notice the ferrule wraps. A nice overview of the Classic Twist guide wraps.
The Stripper Guide The single foot chrome guides. The hookkeeper and winding check.
The inscription on this rod was done in gold. Oops...misspelled Forecast! My first use of a decal...pretty easy but I don't recall the white spots around the borders of the fish...maybe I need to trim it down? The grip and reel seat.
A closeup of the Cherry Burl Reel Seat.    



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