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Chose a winding check

Black Vinyl Winding Check
Nickle Silver Winding Check

What the heck is a winding check? It's a small ring of material placed immediately in front of the grip..the primary function is to cover any gap between the blank and the grip as well as to prevent thread from sliding underneath into that gap.

There really isn't much of a choice on your part - winding checks look best if matched with the rest of the hardware on the rod. If your hardware is black, the winding check should be Black Vinyl Rubber. If your hardware is chrome, nickle silver checks look best. Titanium? Well, I'm still working on finding Titanium winding checks. Same goes for Gold.

As far as styles, there again isn't much to chose from. Vinyl are smooth. Nickle Silver checks are usually smooth finished, although there are also metallic winding checks that have a knurled surface. One other FANCY idea that I've seen on a couple rods is to utilize a toe ring or other similar jewelry as the winding check...I personally wouldn't even know where to start looking for such a thing!

The main thing to know is that on large diameter blanks, there may not be a large enough metal winding check available, in this case Black Vinyl must be used. Also, there is a substatial price range in winding checks. Vinyl and other plastic checks are very inexpensive (under $1). Nickle Silver, on the high end, usually run around $4.

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