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The underside of the inscription block and decorative butt wrapping.
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Ah, we're at the end! The last thing you need to figure out is what information you'd like recorded on your rod. All of my rods are marked with my maker's mark and the # of rod it is. (i.e "By M.P. #43")

However, there's much more. A few manufacturers send decals with their blanks that denote the brand of blank, length, weight etc. However, most manufacturers do not include such a label, so in addition to my maker's mark, at minimum the Length and Weight of the rod are also marked. Both the maker's mark and rod specs are normally placed on the underside of the blank.

In addition to these two piece of information, anything you like may be written on the rod. Give the rod a name? Just include YOUR name? Or no inscription at all? It's entirely up to you.

As far as the color of the inscription, I generally chose the color most complimentary to the guide wraps. This is usually silver, although gold is available. Additionally, I can use Enamel Paints - the obvious choice is white but I do have a couple other colors available.

And that pretty much wraps up everything YOU need to chose for your next custom rod. Have fun, take your time and enjoy!


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