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Iowa Put & Grown Streams, IA- River Reports

Following the lead of others who post online about the Iowa Put & Grow Trout Streams (there are roughly 25), and out of respect for those that chose to fish only them, I've decided these will remain unnamed in my reports. They are hard to find. The few that I've looked at have been small, tight quarters. Most all are private land requiring permission to fish.

Most all are stocked with fingerling browns. They receive only an annual stocking. Fishing pressure is light, so you will find lots of solitude. The anglers who fish them consider these streams a special treat, as they are not directly labeled on the map. Furthermore, anglers are strongly encouraged to practice Catch and Release on these streams - so far I haven't heard of any natural reproduction on these streams. Yes, they are "stockers" but not in the sense we think of a "stocker" in Iowa. The put & grows are known to produce some BIG ASS Browns (up to 6lb. fish are caught and release every year), but that only happens with C&R. If you want fish to creel, stick to the 52 PUT AND TAKE streams that I pimp so readily ;) - Enjoy!

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