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10-7-06 - One of those days where we start off with FISH PICTURES!

You're gonna get bored of seeing fish today, I guarantee it!

10-7-06 - A Red Army from the north is welcomed with open arms!

Waters Fished: Milwaukee River
Fish Caught: 10 personally, 20 photographed, estimated 60+ between all the anglers in our group today
Outing Date: 10-1-06
Weather: sunny
Air Temp: 60's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: 275 cfs and falling
Water Color: Stained, visiblity 1-2'
Fish Species: King Salmon
Pattern Fished: Mostly Egg Patterns
Pattern Color: Red and Chartruese worked best personally

It's that time of year again, when the infamous group of anglers known as the Red Hats make a southeastern journey from the icy north of Minneosta. I had seen the whole crew only a couple weeks ago on the North Shore. Brennon, Neil and Dan, as well as Dave whom I met during lunch, just 2 weeks ago. TIM made it too, in town from Ohio! And then of course, the Fatman had to show up with the was a regular old reunion on the Milwaukee!

We didn't RUSH to get on the water this morning, as we all had a big long day ahead of us. Renee and I showed up to the Milwaukee and pretty much had the place to ourselves much of the Morning. This also happened to be Alice's first King Salmon trip!

We simply slammed 'em - there were fish everywhere. Brennon and Tim came down early on...I want to say that the other guys stuck around upstream a bit longer. The highlight of the day, at least for me, was Alice learning that she DOES NOT LIKE KINGS. Every time we landed one, it was met with a growling bark and bristled hair on her back. Even more so if the fish landed was a nice toothy buck. Even more so STILL if it was RENEE holding the fish!

#3 is on shore before I've even started taking pictures of the folks I'm fishing with!

Alice thinks she's gonna "help" Renee with this one!

Renee's point of view on a King Salmon fight!

Flyboy (Dan) rerigs downstream.

More Fish!

MORE Fish!

Alice romps in the river trying to catch her OWN salmon!

Brennon attempts to net a fish for Tim!

Alice on the lookout for Kings!

Renee's morning wasn't going quite as well...she had a few on but hand't yet sealed the deal. As morning passed, I suggested she try a deep run on the far side of the stream. It was there that her luck changed.

When she hooked up, I ran out with the net and managed to stop the battle early as a massive King turned to bolt downstream. I will remember for a long time the violent spray of water swimming downstream straight towards me...I think I closed my eyes simply out of reflex as I went in for the netjob...thankfully this one made it into the net! The last time I hooked up with a King this size it took 45 minutes to land! When it was all done, Renee had landed a 37.5" King, around 25lbs. Literally TIED my lifetime personal best.

Renee ties my personal best for a King Salmon - 37.5", estimated 25lb+

Catch and Release is practiced on EVERY King we landed today!

The 'ole gang is back together on our home waters. Brennon, Tim, Rich, myself & Alice, Dave and Dan. Where's Neil?

Brennon ties into one!

Brennon gets to take the Milwaukee River Hike!

B, trying to put the hurt on the fish.

It isn't going to be that easy!

Finally, T-Bone lands the fish!

Check out the kisser on that Buck B!

There's really not much else to say...several more 3'+ fish were landed that day, and I heard stories of at least two of the "Red Hats" landing fish over 40". It was simply an exhausting and exhilerating time on the water with a bunch of old friends (old as in long time, not as in actually "OLD AND RUN DOWN) :)

Chief hangs on for a wild ride!

Look at him go!

Oh, there he is...of landing one of many Kings for the day!

Fatman and the Chief with a nice King Salmon!

Rich makes the grab on one of Chief's Kings.

You don't usually see McDonald's for a shore lunch!

Another nice buck...Alice is already on the hunt for the next one.

Alice takes a timeout on shore.

Redhat is all hooked up!

Put the hurt on that fish!

Getting closer...

This time, in the end, the salmon comes to shore!

Brennon is a not try this at home!

As you can see, it doesn't always work out!

Sorry guys, but I think these two beat you out in the "favorite fishin' buddy" competition!

Yup, more fish pictures. Had to do a lot of 'em beached 'cause folks were too busy with their own fish!

Renee follows up her 37.5" buck with this 35" fish!

Another nice King Salmon comes to shore!

The kayakers are out in low water.

Alice the Fishin' Pup!

Redhat, back at it again!

It's not too often I'm standing midstream when someone on shore has a fish on!

Look at that beautiful fish!

Redhat lands a hen!

Another one for me!

Dave lands a stout buck!

Renee is back at it again!

Alice stands ready to protect Renee from this monster in the water.

Almost on shore now!

Ya knew Renee would land another one - 36"! They're big this year!

My last for the day - the look on my face? Exhaustion? Delirium? I don't know...the King Salmon runs can have a strange effect upon anglers!

No one walked away without fish couldn't ask for a better time on the water.


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