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9-24-06 - Red Hat's Secret Stream is well guarded...BY BEARS!

9-24-06 - Secret Spot = Big Ass Brookies!

Waters Fished: Red Hat's Secret Stream
Fish Caught: several
Outing Date: 9-24-06
Weather: clear
Air Temp: rising into the 60's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: N/A
Water Color: Tanin Stained
Fish Species: Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout
Pattern Fished: Chicago Leech, Tucker Nymph, Clouser Minnow
Pattern Color: Black Leech took the vast majority of the fish I landed.

You'll have to pry the name of this stream from my cold dead hands! Due to family obligations, Red Hat had to return to the Twin Cities after our Pinkerpalooza the night before...he had relatively limited time on his hands for Sunday morning, I had to get headed back to Chicago no later than 2, and Brennon had a trout itch that desperately needed scratching. Red Hat's solution - the ultra-secret you'll never find it without a GPS that's been there spot.

We headed into the woods at civil dawn, barely enough light to see where we were going. Alice received support from Neil, who felt she deserved a 2nd chance based on good behavior so she came along. After a mile hike through woods, swamps and a creek running only a couple inches in depth, we broke through into a clearing and there before us was best described as a pond.

As the sun broke over the trees, what ensued was a brook trout slam of epic proportions. Well actually, Neil started the morning off with a Rainbow Trout! I got started with a fat female brookie and quickly followed it up with the 2nd largest Brook Trout I've ever caught, surpassed only be the mammoth I landed in the Norfork Tailwater of Arkansas. Neil and I pounded the brookies...landing several. Virtually all were subsurface strikes and EVERY one of my brookies was landed on a #10 Chicago Leech in Black with Red Tail.

Neil with the first fish of the day, a great Rainbow Trout.

Talk about a handsome buck! One more look at that monster brookie!
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)

My first, a heafty female brookie!
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)


The second largest brook trout I've ever caught!
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)


Let me know when you get sick of stunning wild brookies!
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)

Another Male Brook Trout!

They just keep on falling for the Chicago Leach!

There's Red Hat with that vibrant male Brookie!

Yup, another brookie! (Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)

Another girl!

Red Hat brings a striking buck to shore!



I'm not really sure what T-Bone was up to most of the morning as he had moved "upstream" and around a bend...we could see the casts. As the bite started to quickly taper off, B moved back down by us. It was then that Neil and I both got to watch a terrific Brookie battle between B and a trout that fell for a dry.



Brennon shows off a colorful Brookie!

Almost there...
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)



My last for the day, a Rainbow Trout!
(Copyright © 2006 Red Hat)

Brennon has plans to land a bigger fish...ALICE!

By this point the sun was definitely above the trees and had started to hit the water. The bite simply shut down. I switched up to a White and Gray clouser minnow...after many casts I hooked up with and landed a Rainbow Trout. Displeased with the amount of effort, I rerigged for a dry + nymph offering that never produced. Soon enough, the three of us realized that the bite had simply turned off completely. The trip ended up starting and ending with Rainbow Trout, chalk full of brookies in between.

We made one last attempt downstream at a beaver pond - it had been months since anyone had been there and during that time it had become highly silted in...most of the water was only an inch or two deep...the MUCK however was easily up to your knees in spots.

I must say, it was FUN while it lasted...all too quickly our time had passed and we needed to head back to the Twin Cities. I can only express my deepest gratitude to Neil for sharing this experience with me and hope someday to return with Red Hat and B to go for the even larger brookies he's seen here in the past.


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