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8-20-06 - First stop on what I *thought* was Glover's Creek.

Renee took several pictures while I plied the waters, chasing a brown trout I had spotted.
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

8-20-06 - Looking at Scenic Spots on Iowa's Trout Streams

Waters Fished: Glover's Creek, Otter Creek, Bear Creek, Bailey's Ford
Fish Caught: several
Outing Date: 8-20-06
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: upper 70's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: Up
Water Color: All pretty clear (visibility in all a good 2 feet+)
Fish Species: Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Brook Trout, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout
Pattern Fished: Various Beadhead Nymphs and Chicago Leaches
Pattern Color: Smaller Nymphs worked well, as did the leaches.

After yesterday's fish bonanza, we decided we didn't need to make "catchin'" a priority today, instead going to check out some of the more scenic, but perhaps less "fishy" rivers to the south of Dorchester.

We made the largest leg of our journey first, heading all the way to Glovers Creek. We made our way into Echo Valley Park, pretty much just to take a look around and show Renee the huge bluff bordering the creek. Unlike my first trip here, this time I actually DID see a trout!


Trying the deeper pockets up along the bluff.
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

Not giving up yet!
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

One last look at "Glovers Creek" which most likely is a stretch of OTTER Creek!

On our way out, we went down the other "road" at the entrance to Echo Valley Park, the one that says "Glovers". This was an "aha" kind of thing, having the GPS with me it was pretty clear that what I was think of as "Glovers Creek" is actually part of Otter Creek, Glovers being a TINY tributary. I didn't even bother to step out of the car and take a picture when we pulled up on the REAL "Glovers Creek" just looked that small! So I guess I technically haven't fished Glovers Creek yet!

The next stop was Bear Creek. Here too we are technically dealing with a larger river and a small tributary, but I haven't quite figured out the trout maps vs. the GPS maps yet.

Bear Creek was low this time of year, and while we didn't see any trout we caught TONS of fish. Chubs where everywhere, at times every cast Renee made was retrieved with a chub on the end of the line. I had my fair share of luck here too, landing several tiny smallmouth bass and another "double of chub"!

A fat little smallmouth struck my flies with gusto!

The water is the lowest I think I've ever seen it here!

On to Bear Creek!


Renee and Alice have fun with the chubs!

Another tiny smallmouth.

Yup, another little dinker smallmouth!

Add a tiny Rock Bass to my tally!

Follow that up with a "DOUBLE CHUB!"

More dink smallmouth!

One last look at Bear Creek.


Last on the "must do" list for this Sunday was Bailey's Ford, which is technically just the lower reaches of Spring Branch, just upstream from where it ultimately flows into the Maquoketa River. I don't think I've ever been to Bailey's Ford other than during winter, so I was eager to see what things looked like with lots of green around!

Bailey's Ford was absolutely PACKED with anglers. Renee and I found a quiet spot holding some "less than obvious" fish. I spent at least 45 minutes coaxing a Brook Trout to strike..when I finally connected, it dove into the bottom, first snarling me on a large branch that was buried in the mud. Right after I got out of that, the fish was still on, but it then dove into the bottom and wrapped my leader around some rocks. It sat there, stopped by the snag, simply swimming with all it's might against the tippet. Finally, the 2lb. gave way, and I was left a fly short.

Renee lost 2 downstream from me...the few fish that were around were definitely CURIOUS about anything that floated past. Renee ended up landing a small Bluegill. Meanwhile I found a trout that was just as curious as Renee's pod was, and after repeated drifts I finally managed to connect and land the fish.

I've been waiting to check out Bailey's Ford in the summer!

A huge swath of gravel at Bailey's Ford!

I can't decide whether I like it more in Summer or Winter - they're both so striking!

Everything at Bailey's Ford is just gorgeous!


Yes, I needed to tag on yet another species today - Bluegill from Bailey's Ford!

Finally a freakin' trout - a nice Rainbow comes to net!


No sooner than I had landed and released this trout the other anglers started showing up. Feeling crowded, and frustrated with a muddy dog, Renee and I just decided to call it a day! A quick bath for Alice, followed with a quick trip up to Spring Branch, only to find it completely crowded and devoid of fish, and we were headed back to Chicago, wrapping up another weekend in Northeast Iowa.


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