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6-11-06 - Craig and I head downstream on the Waterloo in search of trout!

Pat, Kali and Renee are on one of the Honey Holes in this stretch of Waterloo Creek.
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

Craig figures out how to drift a nymph into a deep eddy.

Craig tries a quarter & swing to entice a trout to strike from underneath fallen, floating debris.

Meanwhile, back upstream, Renee unhooks Pat's first trout of the day.
(Copyright © 2006 Pat)

Kali gets in on the action too.
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

Kail proudly shows off her morning catch!
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

Craig makes me put my money where my mouth is...he calls the strike and we land a nice Wild Brown Trout from the Waterloo.

6-11-06 - Iowa Family Fly School, Day 2

Waters Fished: Waterloo Creek
Fish Caught: 4
Outing Date: 6-11-06
Weather: Cloudy
Air Temp: 60's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: Up
Water Color: Waterloo cleared significantly!
Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Various Beadhead Nymphs
Pattern Color: Larger Mayfly Nymphs worked best

Sunday ended up being a very short day - Kali had almost 12 hours on the road that she had to get in! We hightailed it to the Waterloo in the AM and gave it an hour!

Renee, Kali, Pat and Alice all hung out on the first pool...Craig and I headed downstream to hit some of the other good spots in this stretch of river.

Craig worked each spot I put him on with dedication. Somehow, the fish just weren't cooperating. We went from a deep eddy to overhanging brush without seeing any real action. Meanwhile, back upstream the girls were having a great time...everyone landed a trout.

Craig and I settled onto a pool that's a known producer. It can be challenging to fish, starting off with a fast run that plunges deep, creating a large clockwise eddy in the pool that goes from one shore to the other. Trees hang overhead so tight roll casts, flips, or casting in front of yourself are the only real ways to get your flies in the water. IF you succeed in wetting your flies, you still have to deal with the fact that the heart of this pool is at least 4-5 feet deep, meaning that PLACEMENT of your flies is crucial if there's any hope of sinking them deeply enough to get a trout's attention.

Craig succeeded in accomplishing all those tasks at least a few times...when everything came together right he got a strike. 3 or 4 in total, with at least one missing both our eyes, only realizing the fish was on when it burst forth from the water upstream, Craig's line dragging in a big downstream U leading back up to the fish.

Craig was obviously having fun but decided to put me on the spot - "I want to see you catch one here" he said. Well, we did, it was a team effort because CRAIG was the one to let me know that I had a hit...I honestly never saw it. What we got to shore was a beautiful little wild Brown Trout.

Just before noon we all parted ways, Craig and Pat and Aspen heading north; the rest of us heading southeast. It was a great weekend in Iowa with Renee's family and I really hope we get to do it again....maybe Renee (or I) can convince them all to head EAST for some Salmon fishing this fall?


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