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5-29-06 - Me, Alice and a Sugar Lake Rock Bass.
(Copyright © 2006 Renee)

Bluegills as far as the eye can see at Sugar Lake.

Hand sized Bluegills - there's quite a few hanging around the pier this year.

Another beautiful Sugar Lake Bluegill.

There's that Rock Bass again..

5-29-06 - Sweet Sugar Lake

Waters Fished: Sugar Lake
Fish Caught: Numerous
Outing Date: 5-29-06
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: 90's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: clear and slightly stained'
Fish Species: Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass
Pattern Fished: Clouser Minnows, Chicago Leach
Pattern Color: White worked best, Chicago Leach in Black

All weekend Renee and her family kept telling me about the BIG bass that was living under the pier. Everyone had seen it except me! It was our last day staying at Sugar Lake...I figured I might as well wet a line!

The entire family was down on the pier when I finally emerged from my long night's sleep - I rigged up my 7' 4wt. as it was the biggest rod I had with...4lb test was the heaviest tippet I had packed as this was really supposed to be a trout trip! Well, this equipment would have to do...heck I didn't even think to bring down the only net I had with.

As usual, swarms of panfish milled about in the water....I watched the water for a bit and wet my line. The water boiled and then I saw it, right beneath my feet a behemoth of a bass poked its head out. WOW...this is a serious bass for northern climates, probably 4-5 pounds!

I dropped both clouser minnows to the bottom through a swirling mass of panfish. There they sat and the bass made his way out to investigate. He looked, then gently inhaled the white clouser off the bottom. I set the hook as hard as I could...I felt the weight there briefly..his head shook and the flies popped out.

I probably spent the rest of the morning TRYING to get more interest out of the bass but I never did see it again. Meanwhile, I had my hands full with plenty of panfish...for the most part I never set the hook and just watched as the fish would follow the flies back and forth. Only when they literally hooked themselves did I bother to land 'em and take a picture. I DID manage to land the same lone rock bass twice..."stupid" fish! Well, let's hope that bass sticks around for my next trip back to sweet Sugar Lake.


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