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11-13-05 - Mike and Rich work our first pool of the morning...

Mike is back out with the Centerpin!

Rich, Casey, and Mike work drift through a deep bend.

Holy Jumpin' Jehosaphat - that's an OHIO SKIPJACK ON THE PIN! This NEVER happens! My first Ohio and Vermillion River Steelhead!

There it is - I couldn't have been prouder and I'm livin' up to my nickname - the "Dinker King"!
(Copyright © 2005 Rich Good)

11-13-05 - West Side Steelhead Clowns Vermillion River Steelhead Massacre III!

Waters Fished: Vermillion River
Fish Caught: 1 personally
Outing Date: 11-13-05
Weather: Windy & Cloudy
Air Temp: 40's, rising into 50's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: low, approx. 75 cfs.
Water Color: Stained, visibility 1-2 feet
Fish Species: Steelhead
Pattern Fished: Spawn
Pattern Color: Chartreuse, White and Pink Mesh

It was early, perhaps 6:00 AM, when we left Mike's house to head over to Mill Hollow. Renee stayed back - she had work to do on for her Master's. When she caved at the last minute and decided to go, the deal was she was only going to fish 1 of the 2 weekend days. My suggestion was that in PA, you're going to catch fish. Conversely, on the Vermillion at this time, at least in 2003 and 2004, at least 30 guys go out, and like 4 catch a fish!

For a while it seemed like it wouldn't go any different this year. We started off back at the spot where Ed Clary first took me on the Vermillion just over 2 years ago. Yes, this all definitely looks familiar! I was out fishing the centerpin, floating spawn today. In the last two years' outings I had come to pick up on the fact that the fly guys got nothing, whereas if you were floating spawn, you at least had a SHOT and being one of the lucky ones.

Well, Mike and I broke out the Pinks while RGHooker whipped out the fly gear. HMM. Our first spot...after 45 minutes of patient drifting...nada.

On down past a couple bends to spot number 2. We started bangin' the chubs, especially Mike. Big ones too...some males in good breeding dress even. But still no steelhead after at least an hour of work.

But it DID happen. My float went under. I thought it'd just be a chub, so imagine my surprise when a steelhead went airborn. I'd say my "drag was singing" except this was on the PIN - there IS no drag. So, here I am, tied to a steelhead that's zippin' line off a pin so fast I could have easily backlashed!

As Rich put it, despite being a small buck, definitely a skipjack, that fish gave me the song and dance. INDEED! The group skunk was off our backs. EXCELLENT! After a few pics the fish was sent back to fight again.

And that's when Rich tells us this isn't even the honey hole. What?! Well, lets go! Downstream, we set up and all put in about 30 minutes more drift time. NOTHIN. Rich even knew fish were caught the day prior. HMMM.

So Mikey decides to be cute...or a royal ass...the jury is still out. He casually says "I'm gonna go back upstream". After a minute, I breakoff and decide going back upstream might be a good idea there I am, squatting on the bank retying. I here splashing...sounds like a fish moving...

My head whips up to scan the water until I FIND THE MOVING FISH. I just so happens that it's not moving of it's own free will...the Monkey is carrying it downstream for a picture! @#$@#%! (that's congratulations Mike!). It's a beautiful hen.

So next thing ya know we're all back upstream and hoping that Rich will tie into one. If he does, we'll likely be the first group to ever return from the outing's morning fish where EVERYONE caught a fish. The pressure is on!

Mike just must have been in the mood to show us up big time. Here we go again...Mike heads downriver. 5 minutes later, here comes Mike with a fish - more pictures and we ALL head back downriver, again! After a few minutes of drifting, wait a second, I should go BACK UPSTREAM.

Of course, I don't have the monkey's mystical powers of steelhead attraction...I don't even touch a chub for the next 30 minutes. By this time, it's getting close to lunch (at least my stomach and the phone call from Renee say so). Mike shows back up and we decide to call it a day. One missed hookup for Rich too...drat!!!!

Holy Jumpin STEELHEAD - Mike lands a chrome beast!

Mike can't let ya forget who's the KING of the PIN - there's his 2nd for the day!

As always, the potluck is fantastic. Whoever brings the PIES needs a doorprize for the best pot luck - I think we could all just eat PIE for lunch.

Anyway, it's always good to see some guys who I don't get to see very often. A few were missed (JBlocker, where the heck were ya - I had to run and get forks!). I'd throw a shout out to more specific folks like Irish and Reel Easy, but I don't want to miss anyone and make 'em feel bad. So, how about one big shout out to all the West Side Steelhead Clowns from the "extreme west-sider".

You can bet I'll be makin' this drive again NEXT YEAR! See y'all then if not sooner!

A crowd gathers 'round the BBQ...

Defjam Domenic is grillin' up grub (yeah, where'd it go?!)

Time for the Delete Button to be passed on to the new TSS Ohio Board Moderator!

This year's posse!
(Copyright 2005 Renee)

Tim (? I think your name is Tim, I SUCK WITH NAMES) shows off this year's "commemorative t-shirt"!

Check out IRISHREEL's new Centerpin!

I LOVE the butt on this rod!


A stunning Indiana sunset on our drive back to Chicago!


DefJam did a phenomenal job on this one!



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