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10-10-05 - it's not even sunrise yet, but legal fishin' time kicks in and there's my first!

Mike ties into his first fish of the morning!

Look at the size of that HEN! Nice fish Mike!

Bruce gets into the action, first with this hen...

...and then, with a buck!

10-10-05 - Early Morning Bite

Waters Fished: Milwaukee River
Fish Caught: 6 between Mike and myself
Outing Date: 10-10-05
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: 40's and rising to upper 50's
Water Temp: 56-58F
Water Level: 70 cfs
Water Color: kinda clear, visibility 1-2 feet
Fish Species: King Salmon
Pattern Fished: Small Egg Patterns
Pattern Color: Red & Chartreuse again took ALL fish today

Whoo hoo - it's been too long since I've gotten to go fishing on a weekday. Thankfully a LOT of clients booked weekday trips PRIOR to the start of my new job, so as part of my coming aboard, I was allowed to meeting all my preexisting guiding obligations. Basically, I'm pretty much "off" ALL WEEK!

It's another Team Fish morning with Mike - I was definitely optimistic that we'd have even better circumstances than our first trip back on the 4th. We met up at 6:00 AM and made our way to the water.

Dave and Bruce, along with Bruce's wife Marjie and son James, were already on the gravel by the time we waded out into the Milwaukee. Oh, you just KNOW this is gonna be good if Bruce and David are still in town ;)

The early morning bite being what it is, we just slammed 'em for the first hour. One look at the pics should give you the entire story. Everyone was hooking into KINGS!

Now, I gotta tell ya, I'm writing this report all the way on 10-22-05 - yeah, it's not fresh in my mind anymore. But, in many respects the details aren't important. We all simply had a ball; things are definitely on the uptick, at least for the King run on the Milwaukee.

Once the sun hit the water the action SLOWED, but we kept on going right until we finally left the water around NOON ;) By 8:30, MOST all of the fish had either pushed upstream into the deep pools or were holding tight to the bank in the shade.

Mike doubled his success from the fourth, landing 2 fair. I landed 2 fair Kings before we moved upstream around 9:00 AM.

Up at the dam there were little pockets of fish. In short order I dispatched 2 more. Mike had his fair shots too, at one point drifting through at least a half dozen fish. For the most part, the sun and angling pressure up here made the bite a bit difficult, but still a nice place to round out our morning.

What else can I was a NICE day to be on the water and I was glad to share it with everyone who was out...that's right, I pretty much knew every person up and down the river. When it's like that, it's simply a blast.

I'll let the pictures fill you in ;)

Yup - we had the river to ourselves!

Mike works the riffled water for some fish that are holding!

Another hen is fooled by FAT's "Watermelon"!

Mike puts some side-pressure on a running King.

It's not ready yet...

There it is, another BEAST for Mike!

James lands a very bright fish for this time of year!

Marjie chases a fish coming up the near side of the river.

Bruce's son has tied up again!

David goes for the net on Bruce's fish.

That fish still has some fight left!

David with a nice buck...the one he just landed for Bruce!

An unknown angler works the tailout of a long run. Sorry, just had to include the pic even though I don't have "your permission" - it was just that gorgeous of a morning.

Everyone is simply having a wonderful time on the river.

One last look downstream.

Go upstream - BAM! - another smaller buck.

There are "clearer" pictures of my fourth fish, but this one simply blew my mind.

Mike takes a few more stabs at the Kings upstream on the Milwaukee.


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