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9-13-05 - Kenosha Harbor around 10:00 AM

Later in the day the skies cleared dramatically.

9-13-05 - Finally, a King in Kenosha!

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor (Lake Michigan)
Fish Caught: 1
Outing Date: 9-13-05
Weather: Cloudy Early, mostly sunny by afternoon, winds from the South, probably 10 mph
Air Temp: 80's
Water Temp: 70F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Clear - Visibility something like 10'+
Fish Species: King Salmon, Brown Trout, Coho Salmon
Pattern Fished: Kastmasters, Flies (Flying Bunnies), Crankbaits & Stickbaits
Pattern Color: "Rainbow Trout" was what worked
Fishing Quality: slow

I admit it, I've been very lax in my harbor fishing this year. I've completely missed some of the prime times for brown trout, although if you'd talk to my buddies the general consensus has been that the fishing was SLOW to NONEXISTENT this season.

I found myself with some time to kill before heading to Ontario - Gerry was stuck at work. I might as well go fishing somewhere - Kenosha harbor seemed like a good bet.

Being a Tuesday morning, I hardly expected the usual crowds...yeah the place was relatively deserted. I started on the south wall but quickly moved north to the only spot in the harbor where ANY surface activity was taking place.

By 12:00 PM the activity had stopped at the surface and I was still without so much as a strike. I almost considered leaving to go scout out the tribs but was stopped dead in my tracks. There in front of me was a pod of at least 100 fish, probably 60% brown trout, the remainder Kings with a few obvious Coho mixed in. In all likelihood there were probably steelhead in there too but NONE that I could visually confirm!

With the sight of so many fish so close, I decided fly fishing MIGHT work. For about an hour, nothing happened. Then, a guy to my right hooked up! SWEET. He didn't have a net, so I ended up being down on the rocks so he could drag the fish into the net (turns out my net is about 1' too short for the wall). Being a "good Samaritan" has it's rewards...I got to see firsthand what he used to entice a bite out of a NICE chrome king. Crankbait!

There it is, my first King for 2005!

Another king comes to net at the harbor.

Well, I DO carry cranks in my harbor box although I'm the first to admit that I rarely (if ever) use them. I tried some stickbaits right off the bat and got some heart-pounding chases from the Kings, but no takers. It looked like the stickbaits weren't running deep enough, so I went to true crankbaits. It just so happens I only have a few with me, specifically some Mann's Cranks that were discontinued in like 1990!!! Granted, I bought them as a kid 'cause I liked the way they looked (a case of the "fly" catching the fisherman).

Turns out those 15 year old purchases would finally serve me only took a few casts of a 15' depth plug in "Rainbow Trout" to get a SOLID hit. Definitely not a fish to brag about, but it IS my FIRST KING for 2005...a chrome hen around 6-7 lbs!

I didn't stay much longer other than to lend a net for a 3rd king salmon that made a fellow angler very happy. Gerry was FINALLY out of work and ready to head north - we'd meet at John's house, pack up and spend the rest of our day driving to Sault St. Marie!


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