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9-3-05 - Renee sets the hook at South Bear Creek.

A small stocker rainbow in my net!

Renee works a promising bend on South Bear Creek.

Wow - Renee's whopper stocker from the 100 pool.

A nicely colored stocker rainbow trout from the South Bear.

9-03-05 - Late Summers in Iowa....

Waters Fished: South Bear Creek, Waterloo Creek
Fish Caught: 2 personally
Outing Date: 9-03-05
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: mid 80's for the highs
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Clear
Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Beadhead Nymphs & Hoppers
Pattern Color: Hoppers in Tan, Nymphs in Olive
Fishing Quality: Good

Initially last weekend's reports would have covered Iowa, but for various reasons we stuck around. With another "free" weekend coming up, and an EXTENDED one at that, I caved into RENEE's desire to get out of the city and back on over to Iowa!

Part of me looks back and says we really should have left Friday night, but then again we got to sleep in for a change and left around noon on Saturday. Thankfully our wait meant that we had almost no traffic to deal with...after getting our tent set up at the Sportsmen's in Dorchester we finally got on the water late in the day, around 6:00 PM.

There's one thing I've learned about fishing with Renee - she really really likes to catch fish. To some extent, I think she beats herself up pretty badly when the catchin' doesn't go the way she'd like it to.

With that in mind, I figured what better place to start than the "hundred fish pool" on South Bear Creek. After a decent hike up to the spot, I was admittedly surprised to find that once again, it wasn't holding 100 fish! Rats! Renee put in some time as did I.

I honestly can't remember WHERE I got my first probably was from the 100 pool but it may have come from another bend downstream. We both tried both spots - in the end it was Renee who really scored big (no pun) at the 100 pool with a Rainbow just an inch shy of filling the entire net opening! The best part of that catch was the fact that she KNEW the fish was there and had the patience to coax a strike. That's a big achievement in my book - yes even I have come to learn the important skill of patience when it comes to trout fishing.

As we hiked out, we hit a few more spots. One in particular stood out - a small pool I've often fished and put some clients on. Well, as we walked past I suggested we look, but RENEE was the one to first spot a fish. The first drift in the fast water connected only to let the fish go, but a few casts later #2 was safely released from my net.

After trying a few more spots we called it a day for South Bear Creek. For some reason I got the itch to keep fishing as we drove back to Dorchester, so I convinced Renee we should stop in the lower sections of the Waterloo and try some hoppers.

Let me tell you it is INDEED hopper time - we each had several strikes in the last remaining light. Off in the distance though, heavy clouds were blocking out most of the ambient light. Then the flashes of lightning started showing up...I was hoping for simple heat lighting.

As our luck would have it, thunder reared it's ugly head and Renee suggested we make a beeline for our tent. Yeah, was wrong this time around - we'd need the rain fly afterall. Of course, as luck would have it, just as we're packing up a Grand Cherokee with 5 guys rolls up - they're apparently hunters and are lost, looking for the public hunting land in the area. All they had to go on was a satellite map they had received from the DNR...not very helpful for finding your way around those Iowa dirt roads.

So I gotta wonder - what the heck is in SEASON right now anyways? And how many hunters ride shotgun in street clothes. Not to mention that they wanted to hunt the land surrounding the Waterloo...not wise considering that there are usually anglers around.

Well, I think all of that really didn't matter - apparently Minneapolis got 5" of rain over night. We got enough to be soaked in the morning.


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