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7-12-05 - Flyfishing by moonlight.

Waters Fished: Lake Como
Fish Caught: 0/?
Outing Date: 7-12-05
Weather: Partly Cloudy, NIGHT!
Air Temp: 70's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: N/A
Water Color: N/A
Fish Species: can't confirm anything
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: Bunnies Chartreuse/Olive/Black and Red/White.
Fishing Quality: Scary!

As you all are well aware by now, I've been out of the "keeping up to date" loop for a while...yes I started a new job and it's simply sucked me dry of ALL free time. Heck, it's Saturday, 7-23-05 as I'm writing this. Yup...I've been out of the loop and I appreciate MOST all of the emails of support you all have sent. THANKS! Things MUST get better at this new job or else I'll just try to make a year's worth of income in a month...guiding the October King Salmon Runs!

PLUS, a certain special redhead moved in with me about 6 weeks back...our weekends have been busy with either BIG fishing trips, work around the house or other misc. errands. Let me clarify right now, I am doing this by CHOICE. In fact, said redhead (who you've all come to know and love as "Renee") asked me if I wanted to go fishing this past weekend...ASKED ME if I wanted to go. Heck, she even offered it up again this weekend! And believe it or not, it was my CHOICE to instead finally sit at home at 10:00 pm on a Saturday and write something other words, to finally try to get caught up on the VERY overdue reports.

So here, 11 days after the fact, I sit to write the first of many belated fishing reports. Due to the new job, I've been stuck in Chicago for the most part...looking back at 7-12 in a nutshell I simply needed to get out of the city and up to the family home, even if only to do a bit of laundry that was overdue as well! So, on a crazy whim I left Chicago around 10:00 PM and made the drive north to Lake Como. The house was quiet, the lights were out, I crept inside and quietly put in a load of work clothes.

Considering I'd have to leave in only 8 hours if I were to make it to work the following morning, I didn't have the luxury of hitting the hay until after the laundry was drying. So I had a good 30 minutes to's probably 12:00 AM at this point...dare I go fishing?!

WELL OF COURSE I DID! I grabbed the 9' 6" 9wt. still rigged from my prior outing and walked through the darkness down to the pier. My eyes adjusted enough to the point that I could make out the silhouette of the flies against the night sky (which was full of deep black-orange-red clouds). I was already 10 days out of practice, and add onto that the lack of any glowing indicator. Could I cast without throwing a mess, or even worse, sticking myself someplace really terrible considering I wasn't casting with any eye protection (not that I've ever hit my sunglasses...but was REALLY dark). I stood in the still air and began stripping line, the ratcheting of the outgoing drag alarm breaking the otherwise silent atmosphere.

I'll tell you now I had NO CLUE how far I was casting, for that matter I only had a fair idea WHERE I was casting. I slowly let out more and more line, waiting to hear the thud of flies on my neighbor's dock. Each retrieve was fast...if I was going to rise a fish it'd have to KNOW my flies where there and on the move. Every so often I'd get a tug and set the hook...most all times the flies simply came towards me having broken free from weeds. After each cast I'd strip in most all of the line - this was followed by holding my rod tip vertical, my flies dancing like little black spots against a sky nearly as dark, all in the hopes of confirming their "weed-free" status.

Now that I had let out sufficient line, the silence returned and the night simply came alive. A thud over there, a screech in the distance, the fluttering of wings...WINGS? Apparently a bat had decided that the swarm of mosquitos hanging around me was a scrumptious meal...I can't tell you how many times he flew within inches of my face. Meanwhile, the water was alive with fish jumping in the distance while tiny ripples broke what would otherwise be a mirror finish.

25 minutes or so of this was simply ENOUGH! You try standing on a tiny platform surrounded by water in the middle of a dark'll freak the bejesus out of ya most likely! Pile onto that trying to flycast without any help from an it was indeed nerve wracking standing out there, but I GOT MY FIX all the same!

So yeah, that's my MOST RECENT outing...11 days ago. August is already looking to be a great month, but first I'll have to catch you up on another 21 days or so of fishing reports!


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