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7-3-05 - Another pristine day in Minnesota!

7-3-05 - A relaxing day at the Sugar Lake "retreat"!

Waters Fished: Sugar Lake
Fish Caught: a few....
Outing Date: 7-03-05
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Air Temp: upper 70's for the highs
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: normal
Water Color: clear - visibility 5'+
Fish Species: Bluegills, Perch
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: We threw everything
Fishing Quality: poor but still FUN!

As promised, today I'd have a lot more time on the water AND as a result, MANY more pictures :) The day looked promising - a partly cloudy sky, gentle breezes.

The Sugar Lake Loon! Beautiful flowers in the garden!

I spent some time on the dock in the AM again trying to coax in some top-level predator but the "good" water isn't even close to within casting distance. No luck so far, of course I could have "SLAMMED" the bluegills all day...hundreds of them huddled around the dock, begging for food like a pack of puppies.

Out on the boat for a bit... Resting on the deck, and the Loon come's around to pay a visit.

In the early afternoon one of the neighbors showed up with a pontoon boat and literally got out, said "Take it" and walked home. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of generousity among neighbors. We thank him and all climbed onboard.

During our slow circle around the lake both Renee and I made cast after cast, focusing on weedy patches. We never SAW anything other than bluegills skittering and winding throw the weeds...

Still no luck, we retired for the early afternoon to the porch to simply watch life go by. Granted, when the "life going by" buzzes you at 55 wingbeats per second, it's kinda hard to miss!

The hummingbirds were within a couple FEET of us! Mid-Air Hover... About to feed again...

Well, that breaks the skunk!

Of course, I do hope to have something more to show for my time at Sugar Lake than some "cool pictures", and I greatly enjoyed the company, but things weren't gonna be complete without a fish or two. Of course, a big aggressive bull bluegill that hammered a flying bunny half his size was NOT really the prize I was seeking!

Renee's mom owns a kayak...every fly fished from a kayak? Well, I got a chance to and at first it was crazy-loco, but after a bit I got the hang of it. The tighter your loops the better off you are when you're basically casting at water level (vs. standing above it)!

MP head's out for some evening fishing in a Kayak!
(Copyright 2005 Renee)
Difficult to cast at first, but I got the hang of it.
(Copyright 2005 Renee)
Sunset in a Kayak on Sugar!
(Copyright 2005 Renee)

Ha....figures that for all my time out casting the weedline in deeper water I'd end up with a PERCH! Someday soon we'll figure this lake out!


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