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5-26-05 - It's a windy day on Lake Como!

5-26-05 - Finally's been a while!

Waters Fished: Lake Como
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 5-26-05
Weather: Partly Cloudy; Windy (from the west)
Air Temp: low 70's
Water Temp: 68F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Green, <6" visibility
Fish Species: None Observed...hoping for Northern Pike
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: Black/Orange/Chart., Olive/Rust
Fishing Quality: Poor

Wow, I can write this one up really quickly for a change! I Got out in the middle of the afternoon...hooked nothing despite an hour or two of effort. High Waves (for Como) with strong winds from the West-NorthWest made conditions difficult. Casting was a PAIN!

68F water temps at the shore have probably pushed the pike further out. The rough surface conditions probably aren't helping either. I'm still suspecting a good early morning and late evening bite, but I think the days of bonanza action are over for a while!

Meanwhile, our garden is just looking fantastic!

Stunning! I wish I know what these are! Anyone recognize these blooms?!


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