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5-23-05 - the first Pike of the day.
Sunrise over Lake Como.
Thought you might enjoy this shot of a goose skimming the surface.
There it is, pike #2, a good solid morning's results.
Well after sunrise - time to call it a day.

5-23-05 - Yes, more northerns....

Waters Fished: Lake Como
Fish Caught: 2
Outing Date: 5-23-05
Weather: Sunny, Breezy
Air Temp: 70's?
Water Temp: 60F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Green, visibilty < 6"
Fish Species: Northern Pink
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: White & Red, Black/Chartruese/Orange
Fishing Quality: Good

In my efforts to get caught up on the reports (yeah, it's technically 9-10 when I'm finally posting this!), I think I can live with what I posted online the DAY it happened:

"I just got off the water about 15 minutes ago and things were going well this AM; water back down to 60F, nice chop and wind (blowing my casts all over the place). Managed 2 in the hour and 15 minutes I was out, which is getting pretty close to the average of a hit every 30 minutes or so."

"I gotta say the last one was just a blast - I stripped all the way back, had my fly right to the surface when I thought I saw something. I dropped the fly to let it sink...a black tail boiled the surface....wait for it...wait for it....and WHAM I set the hook without yet detecting any strike. That fish simply went ballistic...thankfully the 9wt handled him quickly and he shot from my hands upon returning to the water. One last note, it seems that size may be down a bit...I don't think I've landed a "legal" fish in the last few days...did get a REALLY FAT one though!"


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