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5-22-05 - Mirror Lake!
This is simply a gorgeous lake tucked away in the valley, minutes from the Wisconsin Dells.
I'm doing my best to entice something from the deep.
(Copyright © Renee 2005)

5-22-05 - Warmwater Days in Wisconsin

Waters Fished: Mirror Lake, Lake Como
Fish Caught: 1
Outing Date: 5-22-05
Weather: Cloudy
Air Temp: 70's
Water Temp: Lake Como - 66F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Mirror Lake, relatively clear, Como green and murky as usual
Fish Species: Northern Pike, Bluegills
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: Chartreuse & White
Fishing Quality: Slow

So after leaving Lake Minnetonka for the last time, Renee and I got back on 94 heading south through Wisconsin. Every time I drive 94 in the daylight hours one spot has always caught my attention. The sign on the side of the highway reads "Mirror Lake".

Well, Renee and I decided that maybe we had a little time to go check it out. After finding our way to the park entrance and paying a hourly use fee (Renee doesn't have the state park sticker on her car) we had roughly an HOUR to scout things out.

I ended up fishing from a small angler's pier right by the boat launch. Honestly I can't say I saw anything other than Bluegills, but wow what a pretty lake. Apparently this is a no-wake lake - mostly canoes, kayaks and pontoons were tooling around.

All too soon our hour was up. I had lost not only my flies but my entire sink tip on a large log somewhere out in the deep waters, so I figured it was time to head back to Lake Como.

After settling in, we hit it again. The water was up to 66F. Between the wind and warm water conditions were arguably less than ideal - we only got 1 between the 2 of us and that's with roughly an hour and a half on the water....slow compared to how things have been the last couple weeks.

Back at Lake Como, Renee puts in here fair time. There it is, a small pike breaks the skunk! Sunset over Lake Como.
Night creeps in from the east over Lake Como. One last look at the lake before heading inside.  


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