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5-07-05 - Golden Shiners on the fly rod! ;)
A NICE chunky Rainbow Trout from Ceylon Lagoon.
There's still a bit of light and the pier is in..time to fish Lake Como!

5-07-05 - More fishin' "close to home"!

Waters Fished: Ceylon Lagoon, Lake Como
Fish Caught: 1 trout
Outing Date: 5-07-05
Weather: Mostly Sunny, wind from the south and southwest
Air Temp: 70's
Water Temp: Como - 60F
Water Level: normal
Water Color: blue, visibility 3'+ on Ceylon, Como less than 6" and GREEN
Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike
Pattern Fished: Tucker Nymph, Clouser Minnow, Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: Clouser in white and gray, bunny in tan/white
Fishing Quality: Good

I spent most of my Saturday working around the family home in Lake Como - specifically it's time to put in the pier! After a good soaking (my waders had a NICE leak and eventually I ended up going under anyways) I changed, dried off, and headed out for a wee bit of fishin'.

First stop back to Ceylon Lagoon...I wanted to share the trout action with Renee. A few casts in I hooked up. What the heck is this thing? Ah, a golden shiner...haven't seen one of those in a while, and probably my first on a fly rod. This was followed up by a NICE rainbow trout.

Shortly thereafter, we returned to Como for dinner. During the day, while we had been working on the pier, a couple friendly anglers came by and landed a nice northern pike on a black spinnerbait...his first fish for 2005. It got me to the past there have been times where you could literally just toss a lure in close to shore and get a Pike or two.

Well, I won't go into the details of the setup here, but with renewed vengeance I spent the last 30 minutes of dusk plying the a hit but it came off. No problem...I'll be back in the morning ;)


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