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3-09-05 - Horlick is a raging torrent!
The Mallards seemed to know that the river isn't all that safe.
FAT creeps along the shore, staying out of the main current.
High water on the Root has the trees caked in ice.
Back to Oak Creek, another last ditch attempt at getting fish before sunset.

3-09-05 - High Water = Dangerous Wading

Waters Fished: Root River, Oak Creek
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 3-09-05
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: mid 30's
Water Temp: Root 32-33F, Oak 34F
Water Level: Root is raging, 600 cfs. Oak normal, 30-40 cfs.
Water Color: Root Muddy, Oak visibility 1-2 feet.
Fish Species: Steelhead
Pattern Fished: Large Streamers
Pattern Color: Chartreuse & White Clouser paired with a black bugger.
Fishing Quality: DANGEROUS.

I met up with FAT this afternoon to try some high water tactics that some of our buddies are QUITE successful with. When most other anglers are leaving the rivers to do other things, these guys have proven themselves masters of the high water.

Well, Rich had already been out for an hour before I arrived and had *maybe* hooked up with a fish. I surveyed the scene at Horlick...tons of water coming over the dam, so much in fact that the Ducks had decided it was safer to stay OUT of the water today. We should've listened.

Rich and I headed down to Quarry Park and started working our way upstream against the current. We had to stay tight to the shoreline...the currents out in the middle would have swept us away. Even though we stayed out of the main flow, I almost got picked up once.

After giving it a long go, FAT and I both decided this was somewhat insane. Upon finally returning to my car, my waders and coat were caked in a quarter inch thick SHEET OF ICE. My driver's seat is now soaked ;)

We headed back to Oak Creek, where some folks have been hitting a fish or two here or there. Despite this slightly better situation, Rich and I managed to go 0/0 again!


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