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2-22-05 - Josh drifts the seams up by Horlick.
Downstream, we work some slow pockets.
Damn, that grip looks great if I say so myself!
Yup, Dave @ Creekside had it right when he said centerpinning is the "cool way" to fish spawn.

2-23-05 - I caved...

Waters Fished: Root River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 2-23-05
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Air Temp: 20's rising to 30's
Water Temp: Root 32F
Water Level: Root - approx. 150 cfs
Water Color: brown, visibility less than 12"
Fish Species: Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Spawn
Pattern Color: Chartruese Mesh
Fishing Quality: still slow.

Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment - despite going 0/2 yesterday I was back at it again this morning. Well, not exactly this morning as the Bitchin' Camaro wanted to be difficult - wouldn't defrost the windshield, kept overheating. Guess what, it's leaking coolant again!

After finally making it to Walmart and refilling my radiator, I was on my way...very late. In fact, 1 hour and 45 minutes late. By the time I met up with Josh, he had broken in his new centerpin on the very 2nd drift - a nice 5lb. brown was his reward! From his reports while we chatted on the cell, downstream was DOA after that first fish. We'd had better luck upstream the day prior, so I suggested we meet at Horlick again.

I can sum this one up pretty quickly - I caved fished bait. Yup, I'm a MFBT today! I truly admit, I was the bamboo or fish the I'm becoming such a GEAR SNOB. Well, at least I still know where my loyalties simply can't beat the Hobb's Creek Large Arbor line at Bass Pro. Yeah, that's exactly what I said when I whipped out my JW Young reel :P The rod building - blame that hobby for tweaking my tastes just a bit (seriously, I still love the Bass Pro reels).

Speaking of reels, Josh managed to find an Okuma Centerpin Reel - man did it just look great on his rod. We discussed some finer points of pinning as we drifted downstream, working runs, pockets, slack water, you name it. The big tip of the day was something I picked up from ASM's centerpin 101 vid a while back - use a lighter leader than your running line - if you break off, you won't lose your float.

Well I DID break off and had to rerig - the only thing in my pocket was 15lb. Pline - my running line is 12lb. Figure's I'd lob the whole rig into a bush that overhangs a deep, fishy pool! Leave it to me to give the "educational demonstration" for the day, precisely illlustrating my earlier point to Josh. It also figures that with only 1 night of practice Josh would already have the Wallis cast down...hell I still have my LINE GUARD on - no wallis for me!

Yeah, no fish were tapped, and I was pretty darn cold after going in above the top of my hip waders. Around 9:30 after some deliberation I called it a day...there's gonna be many better days ahead! For the record, no steelies sighted, heard about or otherwise encountered today! DAMN!


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