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10-14-04 - Harbor Fly Rod Action

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor
Fish Caught: 0/2
Outing Date: 10-14-04
Weather: Drizzle (3/100ths of an inch), blustery
Air Temp: 45F or so
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: normal
Water Color: blue, visibility up to maybe 6'
Fish Species: Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Kastmaster, Marabou Spey
Pattern Color: Blue/Silver, the spey fly was white with a blue colar
Fishing Quality: Frustrating

Earlier in the week I admitedly got lucky. Something called me back to the harbor to try that luck again. I showed up around 9:30 or was raining just a bit, and was a bit breezy but nothing that a few layers of clothes couldn't handle.

Early on I again hooked up with a King..maybe my 20th cast of the Kastmaster. The fish went absolutely ballistic, it kept peeling line off my reel...I figure there's about 200 yards left of the Fireline. He got at LEAST half of it. Finally the fish slowed, and I started pumping to bring him back. Somewhere in there, I just go overzealous, pumped too much, and the line gave.

Frustrated but again totally ecstatic at having the harbor to myself, I broke out the fly rod. Kings and Browns were actively cruising the shoreline. The only downside? I didn't bring any weight, and I probably could've used a bit to sink the fly.

Early on my spey got hit (and instantly spit) by a passing King...didn't even think to set the hook I was so surprised! Unfortunately, that would be the last hookup. I tried all sorts of locations in the harbor, nothing produced, although at certain spots along the riprap I would find pods of fish actively feeding amoungst the rocks. Targetted casting was great, except that the fly wouldn't sink nearly fast enough to get into the path of a fish, or to get noticed for that matter. It got a few looks, but nothing took. Rather than try maybe something black (which I should have) I simply stuck out the cold where I was, working the fish, hoping I'd connect. Hits didn't materialize, I left rather frustrated around 12:30 AM, but this was one of the most erie, unique, and enjoyable evenings I've had on the water in a long time.


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