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9-6-04 - For all of you who asked, Renee is feelin' MUCH better :)

Stunning sunset over the mobs at the harbor...I bet many were too preoccupied to notice!

9-6-04 - Back to the harbor - unfortunately "the season" has started!

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 9-6-04
Weather: NICE, the wind had just switched back to West for the afternoon.
Air Temp: upper 60's?
Water Temp: didn't take it
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Blue, about 3' visibility
Fish Species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
Pattern Fished: Kastmasters, Krocs, Cleos
Pattern Color: Silver & Blue mostly on the spoons, but cleos in various glow configurations
Fishing Quality: Honestly, Poor

Most of my day was spent rod building, eating pizza from the best little place I know, and eventually sauntering over to the harbor, belly still FULL of tasty ZAA. Renee came with today!

The usual suspects were out, George & Ken were around, and Jim K. aka. MS2 AKA MuskieSlayer 2.0 brought Lee and Kenny with for a shot at the harbor. Man, it's been far too long since I got to see Jim, Lee and Kenny!

Unfortunately the people will dominate this report. As usual there were plenty of nice ones...Renee and I took a really bad opening spot to begin with...when some folks left I ran over to see if the gentleman still there minded if we problem. That's the way things should nice, have respect, ask before you just go ahead. Manners will take you a lot farther this season.

The only real highlight from my point of view was watching Renee light up and say, rather hesitantly, "I think I have something...". Meanwhile her rod is being dragged all over the place, bent over as much as a stout rod can be. Renee did her best....the fish bested her. That seems pretty typical lately.

After helpin' Renee find her way home, I came back to find my spot squatted by two folks who had just slid on in. All my gear was there, I'm sure George said something, but apparently they didn't hear or care or somethin'. Guess it's that time of year. The Father in the pair hooked up with a massive fish...brought in a silver buck King Salmon. The net they had come with was far too small so I graciously lent them mine. Unfortunately this king was fouled in the pectoral.

Well the father/son duo fished for a bit longer....I found another spot just slightly off my original location....I too hooked up and unfortunately brought in a brown trout much smaller than I expected. It felt bigger because it too was fouled, this time in the side.

But while I'm fighting this fish some guy moves in and starts fishing from the rock I had just been standing on, not more than 10 feet from where I am, while I'm still fighting the fish. Then, after my ordeal is done, he asks if he can use my spotlight. Man I'm glad I'm a patient guy.

Thankfully this guy didn't totally bogart my spot, and when the Duo took off I got my ORIGINAL Flat Rock spot back. The spot didn't make any difference though. Ken hooked up with one late in the game but didn't bring it in. While he was fighting the fish some guys in a boat were coming into the channel bringing up their trolling rigs. I was SHOUTING "Fish On" and waving them off; at first there was no response but moments before they would've cut Ken off the cut their engine. NOW THAT's COURTESY and for the guys who were in the boat, THANKS and you're gentlemen among all the others. Unfortunately we never got to see what Ken had...another "fish off" kinda day.

Folks, for the record, don't bother asking me how the harbor is doing 'cause I'll keep telling you the same thing...right now it sucks. It's gonna take a change in the wind pattern (currently, as I write this, it's been out of the North East all week) and perhaps even more to get these fish back on the feedbag.


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