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9-01-04 - Another Dark, uneventful night.

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor
Fish Caught: 0/1
Outing Date: 9-01-04
Weather: DARK
Air Temp: 60's
Water Temp: Didn't take it - still warm
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: pitch tell me.
Fish Species: Brown Trout, King Salmon
Pattern Fished: Kastmasters, Cleos, Krocodiles etc..
Pattern Color: Threw the box at 'em
Fishing Quality: Poor

Yeah, another dark night at the harbor with no pictures. On the upside, Glow Cleos are on sale for just over $2.00 at Bass Pro through the 6th. GO GET 'EM!

After that stop, I was determined to blow off some steam at the harbor. Showed up around 8:00 and just as I was unpacking Ken arrived too! We tried some new spots on the rocks..difficult places to land fish from but since they're also difficult to get to, perhaps the new location might prove worthwhile.

It was in some I flutted a Blue & Silver Kastmaster my line simply went tight and I set the hook. At first it just felt like dead weight, but then it started pulling and it kept on pulling. It felt like I was hooked to a rock that was moving. At the very least, I personally concluded that this fish must be fouled.

My drag was screamin' and the fish ran straight along the wall. At any given moment I could've been rubbed off, and eventually I think that's what happened. The angler to the right of me said he saw the first he said it "looked good, was swiming right" but I told him that I thought it was fouled. His reply, "Well if it makes you feel any better he was in the tail." OK, was this fish fair or foul? Doesn't matter...all I got back when I finally had all my line in was my spoon.

Ken and I moved down for a bit and ran into Gander Mountain Ron and his buddy Jim; again they had a King. I had seen a brown landed earlier, so once again both species are around. Our two new friends suggested we try the north pier...the SE winds may push the fish over there and create a good current for fluttering.

We got out there around 10:15 or so to find one smaller king laying on the concrete. That's a hopeful sign. Of course, hope doesn't equate to success...Ken and I tossed again, and again, and never touched a fish. I thought we might go back to the harbor interior until we found out we had been out there for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Man the time just flew...definitely time to call it a night.

Pretty much the harbor is still hit & miss...which of course means that while I'm in SW WI and SE MN this weekend it should be on fire ;) Enjoy the Holiday Crowd guys...maybe I'll run into ya on Monday!


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