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8-29-04 - This perch thought it would win dueling with a Kastmaster....

Jacek with a HOG Hen Chinook Salmon.

Once again, this time a king, dedicated to all the guys who say we're snaggin in Kenosha.

Another fat kyped brown trout kept me from getting skunked today.

8-29-04 - There *could* be pike here...

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor
Fish Caught: 2/4
Outing Date: 8-29-04
Weather: calm
Air Temp: 70's
Water Temp: Didn't take it - still warm
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: 3-4 foot visibility
Fish Species: Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Kastmasters, Cleos, Krocodiles etc..
Pattern Color: Silver and Blue was once again the color of choice for MP.
Fishing Quality: no too shabby

Some of you may have known I was supposed to be in Minnesota over the last weekend of August....Renee had a wedding to go to. We'd get to chase some more Pike on the fly. To make a long story short, Renee got sick, we didn't go to MN, she spent most of the weekend sleeping and I spent most of the weekend rod building. Arguably the highlight of the weekend had nothing to do at all with fishing, when I had to take Renee to the ER at her doctor's request.

After spending all afternoon in the ER just to find out that everything was fine (in so much that she wasn't in any life-threatening peril and that they couldn't figure out WHAt was wrong) Renee went back to sleep. With a big weight off my shoulders I decided I would put in some time on the water.

I arrived at Kenosha around 7:00 PM to find Bart, Jacek, Margret and George were all out fishing. As the evening wore on Matt and Joe showed up as well. Top that off with Rich and Chief! PLUS I met another friendly angler, Chet, while fishing from the point.

It's almost a week since this outing happened, and in no particular order here are the highlights. Before dusk, I landed a PERCH on a Kastmaster that was probably 1/2 as large as the fish..and it was FAIR. Unreal.

Night came over the harbor and the King bite picked up...Jacek lost several before finally bringing in a huge Hen, which Bart easily tailed. I'm gonna say 26 lbs...the thing was a MONSTER.

No sooner had Jacek landed his then I hooked up and was totally SCHOOLED by this fish. My drag never stopped until the fish turned...I think it made an entire 360 and in the process somehow managed to break me off while I didn't even have tension on the line. Unreal. Lost another one...much shorter fight. A couple friendly guys to our right had managed a couple kings for the evening.

Well the night got late, people work on Monday, and soon it was just George, Chet and myself. George hooked up but it came in backwards. I managed slightly better...yet another brown came to shore which George netted before it could get away...I could feel my line dragging on the rocks as this fish dove deep moments before capture.

Sounds kinda uneventful other than a few fish caught, right? Exactly, although it was far from a quiet night. As things got totally dark the fish became ever more active, until it got to the point that it sounded like kids splashing around at the beach. At any given moment there was a fish or two splashing the never stopped. Really neat to hear, but man it's disappointing when they're not biting! Well, pretty much that's it...11:00 I headed home .


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