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8-17-04 - Tons of debris has been blow into the harbor from "The Pipe", aka the mouth of Pike's Creek (not to be confused with the Pike River).

Bart works one of many hookups but doesn't follow through.

FINALLY! My first big fish for the fall's about time!

For all the folks who say we're snaggin' in Kenosha...

YEEE HA! Big Harbor Brown for MP!
(Copyright 2004 Ken Follensbee)

8-17-04 - MP breaks the big fish skunk!

Waters Fished: Kenosha Harbor, Pike River
Fish Caught: 1/8
Outing Date: 8-17-04
Weather: perfect, winds still out of the west
Air Temp: lower 70's
Water Temp: Didn't take it
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: EXTREMELY DIRTY - lots of debris has been blow into the harbor by the recent rains.
Fish Species: Brown Trout
Pattern Fished: Kastmasters
Pattern Color: Silver and Blue was the ticket as usual
Fishing Quality: Improving

What can I tell ya...we've been working the harbors lately! Sooner or later the bite is going to pick up and the crowds will be OUT! I'm STILL hankerin' for that BIG Lake fish...STILL disappointed with our charter a few weeks back (again, remember, that's when everyone in our party got SEASICK except for big fish for MP!).

Well, as usual I cut out after work and headed north! Got there around 7:45 PM, found Bart and got to the business of fishing!

To make a long story short, the Jig Retrieve / Flutter / Polish Style was workin' for Bart...he had several hits but as the night progressed, NO LUCK! I joked that I wasn't leaving until I caught a fish and caught it fair.

So around 10:00 when Bart decided to call it quits, he said "So I'll see you here tomorrow then..."

I started to say, "No, I already told you I have plans tomorrow..." but then realized what he was getting at. Well, I wasn't ready to go home..remember, I said I wasn't leaving until I caught a fish, and it HAD to be fair.

Ken had arrived around 9:00 and stayed while the fish continued to roll and occasionally take a snap at our spoons. I watched as the wind and currents brought all the crap on the surface flowing back into the channel, and then noticed that many more fish were rolling on the edge of the sludge. At this point I had hooked into 7 fish but not had any one on for more than a couple seconds.

Well, I looked over and said "I'm gonna move". First cast in the new spot and I got the "tap tap" on the flutter down. Set the hook and started going nuts....WHOOO HOO this fish was ON!

I started looking around for someone with a net...most of those folks had gone home but another angler (Chris) came over and subdued my brown at the shore. Nice and fair! SWEET!

After watching a couple fouled fish being released and knowing they are still struggling with the warmer water temps, I opted to take this one home for the frying pan (not that it will fit into it!). Ken took some shots of me with my first fall brown of the season, and I thanked Chris profusely for his help.

So, FWIW, the bite is still slow but that could change anytime. The WDNR report from last week cited the fishing as "SPORADIC" and "INTERMITTENT" and that's probably a good way to sum it up. It's funny that AFTER most everyone leaves for the evening, that's when the fish start hitting.

The ride home I was admitedly thrilled..called Bart and simply said "I won't be at Kenosha Harbor tomorrow night Bart..." I made a quick detour over the Pike River, stopping at a couple spots. I would've fished the mouth, but the fog was dense and I couldn't see where the river even was. So I had to rely on my ears to see if I could HEAR any fish moving around. Didn't hear anything of special note other than one fish down by the lake...


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