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7-03-04 - The action continues after midnight...a huge slab crappie takes my line.
(Copyright 2004 Richard Brown)

Unbelievable, hours later a second shows up.

These are monster crappie like I've only seen in magazines!
(Copyright 2004 Richard Brown)

Why, after trying for "perch on the fly" all season out my front door, do I have to come all the way to Lake Geneva to do it?!

FAT is back workin' the fly in the early AM.

Two FAT fish - we ate them and man, crappie are now an endangered species when I'm fishin' for them!!!! Best fish I've ever had!
(Copyright 2004 Richard Brown)

7-03-04 - All-Nighter on Lake Geneva, Part II

Waters Fished: Lake Geneva
Fish Caught: Numerous
Outing Date: 7-03-04
Weather: Cool and breezy
Air Temp: low 60's, maybe to 65 by 8 AM
Water Temp: didn't take it
Water Level: normal
Water Color: clear, visibility probably 15' or so.
Fish Species: Perch, Bluegill,Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Black Crappie, Sunfish, Walleye
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny, trolling with Lindy Rigged Nightcrawlers
Pattern Color: white, white and red, chartreuse and purple etc..
Fishing Quality: Great with Bait!

If, by some reason, you're reading this and haven't read yesterday's report, well, this is PART II...a new day while fishin 12 hours straight overnight on Lake Geneva. ONE excursion covering TWO else am I gonna beat 130 days for the year?

So midnight came and went....Shortly after FAT's smallmouth I picked up my first "real" fish for the evening...a sharp tug, not the usual quick fight and give up of a rock bass. But it DID skid across the surface like a Rambo. Got it into the boat and what a sight to behold...a stunning slab crappie.

I think around 12:30 or so we found ourselves back on the West side of Williams bay, coming around the point (and getting blown into it). In a sheltered cove behind the point we saw several boats all lit up fishin...we made one superfast pass over a hump and were back in deep water.

We came up and slowly made our way around this cove...the guys fishin' here were in deep water but big fish were being marked. We tried goin' deep but nothing except "eelgrass" showed up on the end of our lines. Turned around, passed back, chatted a bit. Basically, at this point I figured we only need a walleye to complete a slam. Well, if we REALLY wanted to get technical we also needed a Burbot, Carp, Channel Cat, Bullhead, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Cisco, Green Sunfish etc...

Walleye were supposed to be good on the "flats"...over by the "narrows". Ok, I admit I watch the Lake Geneva Reports on Lake Link but I don't think either Rich or myself are THAT experienced on it. Lookin' at the GPS topographic map it made sense.

We cut across the lake and got back to fishin...the flats are well, flat, and this evening were FULL of DINK rock bass. Maybe those anglers have Rock Bass and Walleye confused 'cause we never got our walleye. However, at one point we drifted off the flats (Capt. FAT was um, somehow not paying attention). So it's probably 3:45 AM when I get another sharp tug and bring up the second SLAB crappie.

I didn't think too much about it right at that moment, but basically we took both crappie when I was fishin for 25 feet of water, yet we had actually pulled out into 30-40 feet. Coming across that drop with the Lindy Rig off the bottom is what got the crappie. Good to know for next time (of course if we really want crappie we should just park at one of those drops and jig or something).

The remainder of the evening was Rock Bass Rock Bass Rock Bass. I'm sure, without a doubt, we boated well over 100 ranging from 6-10". Overall I'd say compared to last year they were running smaller.

Morning broke, we rounded the bend back into Wiliams Bay on the East Shore, and we broke out the fly rods! All morning, more casting, sinking, strippin' and NOTHING! Well, I DID get a 6" perch on the fly...go figure.

As the sun came up the activity picked up for a bit on the surface. Poppers didn't do anything for FAT. I got some follows by some big panfish. At one point we literally drifted over a smallmouth sitting in the shallows....I saw him chasin' my flyin' bunny through the water but he never took it!

8:00 AM, 12 hours later, we're all fried, the boys are up (and REALLY annoying) and we call it a day (first jet ski rule). Fat had me put those two crappie in the livewell....I thought he wanted them but turns out that he thought I wanted them. Well, since then we've both eaten them and I now know that they are 100% more succulent than any trout I've had.

I went HOME to go to BED!



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