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6-7-04 - Looking South from my local spot!

It's a total DINK, but it IS my first perch on the fly for 2004!

6-07-04 - Perch on the Fly - Take II

Waters Fished: Lake Michigan (Home)
Fish Caught: 1/3 personally
Outing Date: 6-7-04
Weather: Clear
Air Temp: upper 70's?
Water Temp: didn't take it
Water Level: normal
Water Color: blue and several feet visibility
Fish Species: Perch
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny
Pattern Color: White
Fishing Quality: tough

Back at it again! Straight from work, I probably got to the lake by my house around 7:30 PM. It was good to see faces I remembered from last year!

Well, it's a short report. BAITFISH were the lake was SILLY with bait! I tried casting around the edges, sinking underneath, stripping through the bait, twitching...bottom line nothing worked. I did see a few carp cruising, and one of the guys was whacking the gobies!

Jigging right against the concrete produced my only Perch landed....a true DINK..the fly was longer than his head. Totally got gill hooked and keeled almost immediately after release, but a seagull swooped down and picked him up...ah the circle of life.

I did manage two other hits that didn't result in fish...both while walking back and forth simply dragging the fly through the water along the breakwall. Interesting. Won't be back at it again until next week...still trying to figure out just what I can do to improve my "Perch On The Fly" success. I won't consider myself good until I can at least have a good showing against the bait fishermen!



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