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6-4-04 - Goldfish are spawning in the shallows.

I had to walk this entire thing!

Sunset over the harbor; the South Rocks are in the left hand 1/2 of the shot.

The unknown angler fights a big one and everyone comes to watch.

Still fighting...he's on 4lb.

It's a first everyone shouts "aw, land it yourself" but another angler does come in to help out.

Jacek's Father with his double rock bass.

Bart and Jacek still casting well after sunset in the last bit of twilight.

6-04-04 - Perch on the Fly - my first try in 2004.

Waters Fished: Lake Michigan (Waukegan Harbor)
Fish Caught: 0 personally
Outing Date: 6-4-04
Weather: Clear
Air Temp: upper 70's?
Water Temp: didn't take it
Water Level: normal
Water Color: blue and several feet visibility
Fish Species: Perch, Rock Bass, Carp & Goldfish!
Pattern Fished: Flying Bunny & Kastmaster Sppons
Pattern Color: White and Silver respectively
Fishing Quality: could be worse!

So it's a Friday night and the crew is going out to celebrate the end of the week...I'm stuck in the office later than expected, but I am determined to make it out for a night of fishin!

It's Perch Season (if you didn't already know) and the boys are out to fill their creels. I'm out for a differen reason; last year I had a blast tryin' to get Perch "on-the-fly"; this year I've been lookin' forward to it again. Now, the numbers on the fly aren't nearly as impressive as a bait fisherman, but as far as I know, I'm the only one actually out targeting our Lake Michigan Jumbo Perch on a fly rod. If there's someone else out there and you'd like to exchange observations, please email! So far, Perch on the fly hasn't been easy!

Well I made it to Waukegan and started trying to find Bart's car. I must have driven by it at least 4 or 5 times while he's trying to guide me to where they are on the cell phone. Not south rocks (which I know how to find) but a different locale.

Well, 30 minutes later I've found it, and it's a good walk out to where they are. First on the pier....while walking out I spied two big orange goldfish spawning in the weeds along the shallows.

Eventually I made it to the rocks...another call on the cell 'cause I can't see them...turns out they're ALL THE WAY OUT. By the time I make it out there I realize that heck, I should've just gone out on the South would've been quicker and I would've been fishin' the same water!

Bart had one jumbo on the stringer, meanwhile George had filled up his creel. I flogged the water, waiting almost 30 seconds after casting to make sure my fly had sunk as far as possible. Due to the increased size and weight of the flies I've started tossing this season, I'm going at it with a 7wt. Not that the fish need it, but I need it for my casts!

Arguably there were two highlights for the evening. First was an unknown angler who tied into something big while fishing small chartruese tube jigs. As he's fighting the fish, boats are coming into the harbor and we're all waving it off to the far side. Thankfully the line isn't nicked and the fish is eventually brough to shore on 4lb....turns out it's a carp! I remember all the guys who were standing around were like "Oh man, it's a carp" and almost in unison everyone turned and went back to fishin!

Well, Jacek's dad had the other highlight for the evening....a double on rock bass. Fun Fun, but it was pretty dark so the picture didn't really turn out that well.

Meanwhile I cast and cast, no luck on the fly so after sunset I switched over to my spinning gear, as did Jacek. Jacek's first cast of the spoon brought him a smaller perch...meanwhile no luck for MP. I had what may have been a bite, may have been weeds, but in any case nothing came to shore.

It was a great evening, the walk back in the dark was trecherous (almost bought it twice). Will be back out to try it again!



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