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5-09-04 - 180 degrees of gorgeous water, right from the front lawn of my parent's home on Lake Como.

You can also view this in the 3D Viewer (3.67 MB)

5-09-04 - Casting from the front door...

Waters Fished: Lake Como
Fish Caught: 0/0
Outing Date: 5-09-04
Weather: On and off thunderstorms for much of the day
Air Temp: upper 70's were the high
Water Temp: 66F
Water Level: normal
Water Color: green, visibility less than 6"
Fish Species: only fish I SAW were Carp!
Pattern Fished: Yellow & Black Slider (a popper type)
Pattern Color: Yellow & Black
Fishing Quality: poor

Not much else to say except that I had planned to perhaps head over to Bigfoot State Park on Lake Geneva, but between rod building, cleaning the house and the periodic cloudbursts (with lightning) I never made it. Towards evening I looked out the front door and just decided to give it a whirl. Apparently our lakefront is some of the best shoreline for Bass fishing on the lake; the die-hards always tell us this when they're out working the shore. Today, as with many days, despite calm winds and rapidly warming water temps, NOTHING happened. Well, a few carp jumped within casting distance but I was really working for Bass (or Pike). Fortunately it's not like I had a 3+ hour drive after being "skunked"... after probably an hour or two of casting the same small piece of water, I just went back inside!


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