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3-18-04 - A nice thick snow started to fall in Lincoln Park.
Looking upstream towards the infamous "first bend below the wier".

3-18-04 - 45 minutes is still better than 0!

Waters Fished: Root River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 3-18-04
Weather: SNOW
Air Temp: 28F
Water Temp: 36F
Water Level: moderately up, about 145
Water Color: Visibility back to about 2 foot
Fish Species: Didn't see SQUAT
Pattern Fished: Various Egg Patterns & Dark Wolley Buggers - small on light tippet
Pattern Color: tried a bunch
Fishing Quality: What fish?

It's another case of MP sleepin' through an alarm...let me tell ya I woke up at least 2 hours after the alarm had started going only goes for 2 hours and then turns itself off! 6:48 AM?!

Well I zipped on over to the Root River, flows were starting to look really nice for fly fishin. A few other folks had the same zanny idea that today would be a fun steelheading day.

Sure, the snow was pretty, I worked the swirls and eddies in hopes of maybe getting a smaller brown trout that had moved up (many were reported last week). However, I spent way too much time getting my fly out of trees, retying due to snags on the bottom etc. And the worst part, no one around me was catching fish; in fact I didn't even see a single fish porpoise. 8:45 and I was done...back to the office and we'll try again tomorrow.


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