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3-06-04 - Oak Creek's flows were bumpin down, ideal for bringin' in a fresh wave of steel.
Just another look at the normal baseline flows there isn't a waterfall's a trickle.
One last look at Oak Creek.

3-6-04 - Still Kinda bummed about yesterday..

Waters Fished: Oak Creek
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 3-6-04
Weather: Sunny at times
Air Temp: upper 30's F
Water Temp: 39F
Water Level: UP, about 80-90 cfs
Water Color: Moderately clouded, probably 1 foot visibility.
Fish Species: Steelhead
Pattern Fished: Various Eggs, Wolley Buggers etc..
Pattern Color: assorted darks and lights
Fishing Quality: Poor

Another day out on the stream, but this time I took care of some other business in the morning and headed up to Oak Creek for that early spring afternoon bite.

Meanwhile Chromeseeker must have passed me on the I was arriving we got our cell connection and I found out he had left probably 5 minutes prior. Saw one steelhead taken, but not much else going on. He was headed to Kenosha Harbor, which turns out was all muddy too.

I personally was hoping for the sun to warm things up...I hiked a good portion of the stream and then fished the upper stretches where fish should stack up during a fresh run. All the same I didn't see squat going on. Lost a bunch of flies in the rocks and trees, didn't hook into anything. In fact, the ONLY fish I saw was a small trout that whacked the surface in a slow eddy.

It was nice to once again get out, but all that effort was for naught. Yeah, that's skunk #3 in a row.


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