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11-23-03 - The Pike is devoid of fish (honestly, at this point, I'm not surprised).
Upstream on the Root it rained all day!

11-23-03 - Time for MP to stop spoiling himself and put in his dues on the local tribs!

Waters Fished: Pike River, Root River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 11-23-03
Weather: Rainy and overcast
Air Temp: somewhere in the 60's!
Water Temp: Pike -> 52F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: Root = Mud, Pike was pretty clear!
Fish Species: Chinook Salmon, Coho?, Browns?
Pattern Fished: Dark Speys, Eggs, Nymphs
Pattern Color: Assorted
Fishing Quality: Still Tough

Well, I slept in..what can I say...I wasn't in any major motivated state to fish. But when I finally did get up, and walked outside for that first "Fresh Air" of the morning, was WARM!

Without delay I sped to the Pike, only to find it devoid of fish, it's normal 'low', and several anglers wading downstream aimlessly as if lost. I took a quick temp; a balmy 52F for this time of year. I had a feeling I knew where the fish would be, but also knowing how things had been, and noting the number of cars, I wasn't going to stay here today.

On to the Root; it should also be warm. I really should have taken a temperature, but in my hurry to fish I didn't really "need" to know the temp. I figure the Milwaukee was 42F yesterday, the Pike was 52F today, that would put the Root probably around 48F.

Well, it rained almost all afternoon, keeping most folks off the river. I did spend considerable time swinging Dark Speys by the Shelf, no takes there, no fish sighted. Rather than waste all my time fishing a pool that everyone fishes, I moved downstream to fish water that I KNOW always has some fish in it.

No surprise, I found fish. At least one crusty king was roaming about. In the fast water a small salmon was jumping periodically; couldn't tell what it was for sure but I would GUESS it was a fresh Coho (more silvery in coloration). Definitely not a steelhead though.

Now I didn't care if the only fish I hooked into was that fiesty little fish that was taunting me, but at the same token someone recently suggested that if the small fish are jumping, that means there are larger fish underneath! Whoever this person was may have something; while working the inner seam with a "micro egg" (size #12 red egg) dropper and a heavily weighted chartreuse nymph (size #6, tied by Peter M) I hooked up not once, but on two consecutive casts. The first hit was mearly a headshake, but the second stayed on long enough to put a bend in my rod and confirm I was doing something right.

I did get to see the "size" of the fish; I'd say around 6-7 lbs. Based on how it fought, staying down and tugging hard, I'd say it was probably a brown. As darkness approached I tried everything else in my book (I lamely lost my rig on a backcast and didn't have reinforcements available). No more bites, but it still made a 3 hour day worthwhile (not to mention the late fall warmup was most enjoyable).

Next week....another 3 DAYS IN PENNSYLVANIA!


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