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9-23-03 - Well, at least this freshly stocked brown keeps me from getting the big skunk!
Phil works the harbor intensively, yet like the rest of us bumps NOTHING!
There's Bart's fish in George's hands...a great Hen, still pretty fresh up the stream!

9-23-03 - I told ya Monday was gonna be the best day!

Waters Fished: Lake Michigan (Kenosha Harbor), Pike River
Fish Caught: 1 fair landed
Outing Date: 9-23-03
Weather: Relatively "Alright"
Air Temp: COLD, maybe 50's
Water Temp: Didn't take it
Water Level: low, but up from prior
Water Color: Harbor water was somewhat cloudy,
Fish Species: Chinooks, Browns
Pattern Fished: Mostly Chartruese Wolley Buggers and ESL's
Pattern Color: Chartreuse
Fishing Quality: Back to "Just OK"

I knew after Monday night that things would go downhill, see, "I told ya so"! After experiencing the "river thang", the boys were ready for a little harbor action.

Well, the only action at the harbor was 2 little tiny freshly stocked browns...complete with red spots. Bart and I each landed one. Meanwhile, Jacek, M, George and a few others including Phil and Chris landed JACK SHARK. So other than two tiny browns, NOTHING was going on. We tried well into dark, about 9:00 pm, before decided we should maybe head back to the river.

So it turned out that EVERYONE in our group decided to head back to the river. MS2 had been there a while, had one one maybe but nothing landed. We all congregated at A and fanned this point I admit I was totally uninterested in everyone rigged and quickly devised a battle plan. Jacek & his bud would stick here since they were unfamiliar with the terrain. Chris and Phil would head upstream and check things out, while Bart and George would hit my favorite spots below A.

Jacek hooked up on something like his first cast, but lost the fish. Incredibly pumped he headed back down tot he river; Immediately after I told Jacek to be extra careful going down the hill, well, he fell over the 6 foot drop and into the river, thankfully OK.

Meahwhile George and Bart found nothing downstream so the three of us headed up. I watch my bro and Phil disappear into the Country Club, while George and Bart worked the very outskirts. I opted to head back and see what was up with M and the cars.

Thankfully, someone got fish...who do you think? Mr. Chromeseeker pulled a nice hen! After a while everyone took off, and I was left waiting for my two boys! Still in the Country Club. I had pretty much had it, was tired, and wanted to go get them. I figured I'd have to risk the ticket and walk the golf course to find them in less than an hour...but as soon as I stepped onto Country Club property a siren, somewhere, went off. I looked around, saw nothing, hoped it was my bro & Phil getting caught doing something stupid, and sluethed back to the car to wait. About an hour or two later they showed up (finally), each having hooked into a couple fair, yet not landing any 'cause they didn't have the net with them! Of course, they didn't return until their headlamps ran out of battery power! These guys are hooked (can you blame them?!)


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