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9-07-03 - Hard to believe that there will soon be 20 lb. Salmon swinging here!
I honestly don't think I've EVER seen the Pike THIS LOW!
Palmer Creek was beautiful and productive..just not in the trout dept.
I keep trying this pool 'cause I'm sure there's a trout here, if anywhere. But then again...this time I only got a dozen tiny bluegills and a couple green sunfish.

9-07-03 - Got the itch, made a quick stop!

Waters Fished: Pike River, Palmer Creek
Fish Caught: tons ;)
Outing Date: 9-07-03
Weather: Clear
Air Temp: 70's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: LOW
Water Color: Pike -? MUDDY?!?!, Palmer - Deep Stained
Fish Species: Bluegill, Green Sunfish
Pattern Fished: Tucker Nymph
Pattern Color: gray & gold
Fishing Quality: What Fishing?

Let me start by saying I had NO hopes for miracles here...these stops were on the way on Sunday afternoon as I was driving, first listening to the Packer's Game and then to the Bear's. First stop was the Pike River, just to see..

Well, no big surprise here, no water, no fish! For some reason though, the Pike was MUDDY or maybe even "Chalky"? Notice the tint of the water in the first picture...gray? All winter the Pink ran CRYSTAL CLEAR! I didn't expect a muddy river! Perhaps a good rain will wash out a lot of silt and bring things back to normal (and even bring in some fish!).

With that out of the way I always pass over Palmer Creek when driving from Kenosha to Lake Como. This particular time I was in no hurry, so when I got to Palmer I figured "what the heck" and wet a line. There's a relatively large pool just below the parking off of 50, but let me tell you know..if there ever WERE trout here they're long-since fished out.

As usual, I got no trout on Palmer..but hey, the stocked like 600 or 900 back in the there may be some lurking somewhere...but where I don't know...most of Palmer doesn't look very "trouty" if you ask me. Anyway, the pool gave up a dozen TINY Bluegills in a matter of minutes, along with two OK-sized Green Sunfish..hardly what I was hoping for but ya never know!

Not gonna let this stop me. It is now 2:22 am Tuesday, less than 18 hours before I leave for Sault. St. Marie, Ontario, Canada! That's right baby, Pinks & Chinooks..and if all else fails we'll chase Canadian Brookies! 4 days of fishin, combined with roughly 2 days of driving, and enough CompactFlash memory to capture 1,300 pictures or so! Do you have any doubt I'll FILL THEM UP by Sunday?! Sit tight...some fun reports to come!


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