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8-22-03 - First Rainbow of the Trip. ASM totally beat me and landed 3 that afternoon!
Someone was rather curious as to what was going on with the fish in our hole!

8-22-03 - 3 Days in Iowa with the Monkey!

Waters Fished: Waterloo
Fish Caught: 1/11
Outing Date: 8-22-03
Weather: Clear
Air Temp: 80
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: normal
Water Color: clear
Fish Species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
Pattern Fished: Tucker Nymph
Pattern Color: gray & gold
Fishing Quality: Slower 'cause it's HOT

So first, a couple notes.

1. My camera broke this trip!

2. I am writing this almost 10 days after the trip!

3. I have a million other things to be doing besides writing the Rambling getting ready for 5 days of Pink Salmon Fishing!

4. I also have a website to launch this week for Dave & Creekside; it's not the final one but a temporary one until the runs are done and I can do him up a good one!

5. The best part? You can read ASM's version of the trip on TSS!

So with all that said, here's the short story. ASM was in town all week and despite our plans, we didn't get to fish together during the weekday evenings...conflicting schedules and distance put the smackdown on those plans.

But ASM and I had plans...we were to meet up with FAT in Iowa and do some serious trout whacking. As it turned out, ASM's work finished up a day early...he'd be sitting around all Friday in Kenosha with 80F lake temperatures virtually ensuring NO harbor action. I put in a DOUBLE, arriving in WI at 4:30 am just so I could have Friday off too!

So ASM got the message late on Friday morning, and by 5:30 we had made it to Dorchester...time to fish! Since this would be a limited engagement, we hit the Waterloo close to camp and the game was on! Fishing was slow although the bites came fairly frequently...they just didn't stay on the hook! I went 1/11, with the Monkey from Ohio landing 3 and hooking several more, all before 8:30. Not a terrible way to start a weekend EARLY in IOWA!


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