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6-14-03 - The boat is in and READY TO GO!
Haven't identified this tern-like gull yet...but it is a new species of bird for me to see on the lake.
Fish were jumping within the reed beds at the border of the nature preserve.
Carp were spawning all over the shallows.
A look back west to the other end of the lake.
The northern shore was entirely weeded up. Fish were thrashing all over the surface, probably more mating carp.

6-14-03 - One hour is NOT ENOUGH!

Waters Fished: Lake Como
Fish Caught: 17 (if I was Babe Winkleman!). Truthfully, 0!
Outing Date: 6-14-03
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: probably upper 60's
Water Temp: 72F
Water Level: Normal
Water Color: typical 6" visibility
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Pattern Fished: Various Surface Offerings (Poppers, Sliders etc.)
Pattern Color: Blue & Black, Yellow & Black
Fishing Quality: Typical BS

All week I've been one big pent up ball of FISHING RAGE; I NEEDED to get on the water FAST. Saturday morning I got up; normally I'd head out for a full day of fishing but THIS TIME I had a wedding to go to and TONS of things to do in preparation for the big event (not to mention a 2 hour ride just to get there).

9:00, after a good breakfast by MOM, I pushed off the boat. I would have roughly ONE HOUR to fish, and that was cutting it close. Along for the ride was my 9' 8 wt. with floating line; hopefully the bass would be hitting the surface!

One thing I've always noticed is how dramatically the aquatic vegetation changes with the seasons. Much more weeds present; had to clear the motor after only a mile. I headed to the east half of the lake (the eastern 2 1/2 miles of the lake are wetlands / nature least I think they still are). Now, a lot of anglers tell me that the 500 feet or so of shoreline right where we live is THE HOTTEST shoreline in the lake, and all I have to say is I've LIVED THERE on and off for 26 years and I DISAGREE.

Well, some reeds had pushed up through the surface of the water; I didn't remember them from a couple weeks back when Bart & M and I got out. They looked awful fishy. Besides, I counted a couple boats working the shoreline ahead; I had no desire to fish areas that were currently being worked. So I rowed to the edge of the reeds, dropped anchor and started working it.

During my time here I hung up a few times, even with a heavy mono weed-guard, but I didn't lose any poppers. I started with dark, figuring that might cast the best shadow from the surface, but after 30 minutes switched up to yellow & black (the LC standard!) I sighted a couple bass jump up within the reeds in the distance; wasn't sure what they were jumping for / feeding on but at least I could confirm there were bass in the area.

I also noticed a lot of shoreline activity, so after 40 minutes or so I worked my way over to see what was going on. Turns out the carp are spawning. Water thrashing and boiling beneath the lilies all up and down the shore. I bet those guys were fishing the shore thinking they were on the Bass or something; just makes me laugh! With all the activity going on I'm pretty sure the bass were NOT sitting there in the shallows; I think the reeds were indeed the place to be that morning.

Granted I only had 1 HOUR on the lake this morning; many people come back empty handed with that kind of effort. On the way back I cruised the north shore a bit but found that it was totally overgrown with weeds...had to stop numerous times just to clear the prop and I was only traveling about a mile. Tons of fish thrashing at the surface; again I'm assuming more spawning carp in the vegetation.

10:00 am and my trip was already over before I had even really started! Fortunately the wedding was a one-day affair.


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