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5-23-03 - The first rainbow of the evening came on the always successful MP's Antron Bug in Brown & Tan.
First time I saw this; what looked like shad in large schools were feeding about 2 feet below the surface.
Slammed the Black Wolley Bugger into the steep rockface...let it drift down, and it produced this SLAMMIN rainbow..MY personal largest from Quarry Lake.

5-23-03 - Couldn't WAIT to fish Saturday, HAD to fish after work!

Rivers Fished: Quarry Lake
Fish Caught: 2
Outing Date: 5-23-03
Weather: Partly Sunny
Air Temp: 50's-60's
Water Temp: surface temps were 64 F.
Water Level: Same as always
Water Color: A bit cloudier than usual
Fish Species: Rainbow Trout
Pattern Fished: MP's Antron Bug, Black Wolley Bugger
Pattern Color: Brown, Black
Fishing Quality: Great!

After a week of work I simply HAD to get out and closest destination was Quarry Park Lake!

Got there at 7:30 pm; I expected to see many people out but didn't! Right as I walked out on to the docks I noticed a large 3 or 4 lb. Largemouth sitting in the shallows, but he was instantly spooked.

I wasted NO TIME getting my first rainbow on MP's Antron. Not very big but always fun, and ALWAYS CPR (Catch - Photo - Release). I STRONGLY encourage you to RELEASE your catches on this lake because it IS deep enough to hold over the trout, thus this lake has the potential to produce some MONSTER rainbows. LET 'EM GO!

Anyways, throughout the evening I noticed a large, and I mean LARGE school of what looked like SHAD feeding about 2 feet below the surface. Perhaps they were feeding on midge larvae that were coming up to hatch. Within the school were other fish, including several of the small stocker rainbows...all actively feeding. I DID try a small nymph in the hopes of landing one of these 4-5" fish so I could see specifically what they were, but didn't get any success.

Knowing that the bass had moved up (the water surface temp was 64F) I tied on a black wolley bugger. After trying various spots I found success working the vertical rockface by the docks..literally casting the wolley bugger INTO the rocks and letting it fall and sink...this tactic produced a whopping hit from the largest rainbow I've landdd to date...easly 12"+ (the grip on that 4 wt. is 7" long). Once again, let them go..this 12" could easily grow to be 20" in a couple years!

At 8:30 pm I packed it up...a LOT of fishing ahead of me this weekend!


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