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5-13-03 - Quarry Park Lake, "Home of the SLUTTY TROUT"...they're that easy.

Rivers Fished: Quarry Park Lake
Fish Caught: 6 between the 3 of us.
Outing Date: 5-13-03
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: 60's
Water Temp: Quarry Park Lake surface temp 57F
Water Color: murky, visibility roughly 1 foot.
Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Bluegills
Pattern Fished: MP's Antron Bug (weighted, in tan & brown), MP's Egg Sucking Steely Stone (in chartruese), Light Cahill
Pattern Color: see respective pattern
Fishing Quality: FUN FOR ALL!

Alright, so this was one of those "hurry up, get there and get off" trips; Bart gets off of work around 5:00; I cut out just a bit early around 5:30, and we both raced to Racine. The Root was still too high, so we fished Quarry Park Lake.

By the time I arrived, Chromeseeker had already landed a NICE 13-14" Rainbow. Shortly thereafter I landed my first (and only) of the day on MP's Antron Bug. After really whacking the crap out of the water, it was getting dark so I opted for something with more visibility; MP's Egg-Sucking Steeley Stone. 2 more hits, both misses. GRR.

As sunset approached the surfaced started to dimple...more and more as things got darker. A hatch of small white mayflies was on! I whipped out a nice light cahill and tossed it on the surface. Now, since we're fishing a lake, not a river, and the water was GLASS, the best thing I could do was toss in the vicinity of a rise and wait...and wait...for MINUTES. Unlike a the lake the FISH are the ones doing the moving..they're not waiting for food to come to them..instead they seek it out!

The first rise startled me so much I missed the heart was PUMPING like mad. It was a nice splashing energetic take..shame on me. Much of the remaining time was spent trying to coax another rise, alas it didn't happen.

By the end of only 1.5 hours or so, Chromeseeker had gone 2/2 (at least) on Rainbows, + one Bluegill. His Girlfriend went 3/4 (at least) on the Rainbows, and I had personally gone 1/4, all between 8-14"! As for my 1/4, "shrug"...just my luck...the same kind CS had on Monday...only one rainbow landed with everyone else around him WHACKING them! Just the way it works sometimes.

I can also safely say there are some OK Largemouths in the lake; there's a 16" carcass laying on the beach! As for pictures...well there really wasn't a reason for them at this point...see the shots from 5-10-03. I'll be back...I'm looking for those holdovers that could easily be in the 18-20" range!


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