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We dropped in at an angler's access lot and probably walked about 3 miles down (based on the time we walked) riverside. Fished well below a junction of the branch we fished and a second branch. A lot of walking, very few fish though!

The few fish I sighted were underneath log jams such as this and the prior picture. Impossible fishing today, but man the hike and scenery were great, but tough!

1-01-03 - A Day Off for New Years! Time to hit the Little Calumet!

Rivers Fished: Little Calumet, IN
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 1-1-03
Weather: Partly Sunny
Air Temp: 35 F
Water Temp: probably about the same
Water Level: low? First time on this river
Water Color: Clear but stained, like weak green tea
Fish Species: Coho & Steelhead
Pattern Fished: assorted
Pattern Color: assorted
Fishing Quality: pi$$ poor

Report: Made my first pilgrimage to the IN tribs with Chromeseeker this morning. I believe the area we hit was the Little Calumet River, possible the Coffee Creek branch. Anyways, the scenery was beautiful, but the hike was tough. We put in somewhere between 2.5 and 3 miles of hiking each way (based on the 1.25 hours we hiked), following the river's banks. On the entire trip down and back up I sighted 3-4 Cohos in pretty bad shape, and 2 steelhead. None were taken. As I write this Chromeseeker is probably still on the river; at last chat he had gone 0-1. All I managed to bring back were a couple pictures; the weather was so cold that the batteries in the camera weren't even powering up to take pictures despite a fresh charge.

Well, considering $5.60 in tolls and $10.50 for a one day license, this trip was a total bust. BUT, in all fairness, the section of river we fished was beautiful, and would be great to hit during a fall Chinook run or Summer Skamania run! I'll probably be back, just not that soon. I'm still in favor of the Pike River in Kenosha, WI!



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