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I knew it was risky, but I made the trip anyways. This shot of the Root River in Lincoln Park shows the only open water...riffles about 6" deep.
River Side Park on the Root the very "east" end. No open water anywhere.
Later in the Evening, The Pike River shot from the Bridge at A looking downstream. The only areas of open water being fast moving, less than 2" deep in some places.
The other side of the bridge; one of the deeper, slower pools...completely frozen over. No doubt I could have probably walked on this ice.
At the mouth of the Pike, the only open deeper water (about 20 feet worth) between the lake and the start of the "Floodplain". The beach was frozen solid. I gave it a shot...didn't last long!

12-08-02 - FROZEN!

Rivers Fished: Root & Pike Rivers (including the mouth on Lake Michigan)
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 12-8-02
Weather: Sunny and Clear
Air Temp: Mid 20's
Water Temp: 33F?
Water Level:low
Water Color: icy
Fish Species: none
Pattern Fished: wolley
Pattern Color: purple tail, black hackle, purple krystal chenille body
Fishing Quality: What Fishing?

Again, the rambling report from MP :) Sorry to those of you who I did not call this weekend; I knew in my heart it wasn't worth going out anyways...almost didn't go myself; just a last minute decision.

Started at the Root River, about 2:00 pm. FROZEN.

Headed to the Pike River around; got there around 3:00. FROZEN.

Headed to the mouth of the Pike River. FROZEN save 20 feet of open "deeper water" just at the end of the river going into the lake. FISHED IT HARD. Saw Nothing. Snagged Ice. Tried casting in the lake but the wind was the wrong direction and the surf was far too strong. Line froze up to the point that it was like casting beaded-chain. The tackle simply broke down in these weather conditions. Bottom Line - TOO COLD. NO Fish Sighted, NO Fish Taken.

However, came back with some pics as always. I WILL NOT be heading out on the rivers again until we see a week of temps in the 40's (ice out? :) Maybe Indiana is a place to turn if their weather has stayed warmer? Time to tie some flies!

Where's global warming when we need it? ;)


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