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Upstream by Quarry Park on the Root River. Again, it's a duckpond right now.
12-1-02 Lake Como after the Packers / Bears game.
Maybe all us winter steelheaders need a different winter sport. Iceboating perhaps???

11-30-02 - Continues to be no fish ANYWHERE!

Rivers Fished: Pike, Root & Milwaukee Rivers
Outing Date: 11-30-02
Fish Caught: 0
Weather: mostly cloudy
Air Temp: 20's
Water Temp: I would assume very cold, much ice
Water Level: low
Water Color: pike clear, root stained, Milwaukee clear
Fish Species: NONE
Pattern Fished: Various Nymph Patterns
Pattern Color: Naturals
Fishing Quality: NONEXISTENT

Saturday was, at best, going to be even tougher than Friday, as air temps with wind chills were in the teens! Started at the Pike, only briefly, to again find NO ONE on the stream and no fish sighted.

Immediately to the fallback, I headed to the Root and checked out the area around Quarry Park where fish had supposedly been sighted the day before. I saw nothing, and fished down into the country club, again sighting nothing but a duckpond! Having now waded the area basically all the way from the First Bridge just downstream of the drop in at Quarry Lake Park all the way upstream to Horlick, I can tell you that there really isn't any good holding spots I could find. The streambed is mostly hard, quarried rock, looks like the river was almost CUT out of the ground here; no sand, no deep spots; I never went in deeper than my knees. So unless there is some good deeper water (3-4 foot) I don't know anywhere that could have held fish on the Root in such cold weather.

So around 2:30, I made a mad dash for Milwaukee. Dropped in at Capitol and found one angler fishing below the bridge, as well as one downstream. The angler at the bridge quickly moved upstream upon my arrival; I stayed for a little bit below the bridge, moved up a bit to find deeper water, and failing that worked my way downstream, around and behind another angler. I concentrated my time again, not on the riffles, but in the deeper lanes, runs, and tailouts that I've started to learn in this section. And yet again, NOTHING sighted, nothing taken. Ice was forming around the rocks at the shore, not to mention that the guides on my rod were constantly filling up with ice. Frustration set in, along with a desperate need to take a leak, so I high tailed it out of there after only an hour of fishing.

Waking up on Sunday and looking at Lake Como, solidly frozen over with ICE BOATS skating the surface, and hearing the wind howl, suggested to me that the Green Bay / Chicago game might make a more interesting afternoon; and well for those Green Bay fans hey, ya kicked our butts and we deserved it!

Another note of mention, I overheard on the radio that we had the 38th coldest November on record, whereas November 2001 ws the 6th warmest. Needless to say I know there have to be fish somewhere, but without the help of a guide, I'm not sure where the heck I'm going to find them! Will probably still make the attempt next Sunday to hit at least one river, but I already feel the prospects aren't good with the cold forecast for the week.

Also, I took note that the Root River Report is still occasionally updating Fishing Reports despite the wier season being done. Check out the report from the 25th of November -

I also took a look at the overall Root River Facility report for 2001-2002; looks like the season was on track; granted it looks like the fall steelhead season on the root is long-dead as it's a small run to begin with. Spring looks potentially much better!

With all that in mind, here is my question for the true experts right now; Anyone know the laws on taking a duck by fly rod? Seems like I'd have a better chance at that right now on the Root!


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