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It's snowing, and hard! Started back at the mouth with no luck; didn't see anyone taking fish!
Another shot of the intrepid anglers braving the ice and snow to try to tag some chrome!
Upstream at A, and the folks I met had not faired any better. Sunday was a horrible day all around, with only 1 steelhead caught by any of the anglers (tight lining at the lake).

11-24-02 - What a horrible day!

Rivers Fished: Pike River (including at the mouth on Lake Michigan)
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 11-24-02
Weather: NASTY
Air Temp: 20's
Water Temp: Ice Cold, definitely cold than cold tap!
Water Level: up a bit
Water Color: clear in river, turbid in the lake
Fish Species: Steelhead
Pattern Fished: Wollies
Pattern Color: Dark
Fishing Quality: Tough

Again, I headed to the mouth arriving around 2:00 pm, only to find the lake was rougher than Saturday. A couple die-hards were out, it was snowing, and well, no one had anything. After a few tosses I said "screw this" and went back to A, especially after seeing a leftover king get flushed back out the mouth of the river into the lake.

Upstream, NOTHING was seen anywhere; I ran into a couple guys from this board who had been up in the Country Club; to summarize there were many Coho in the club on Friday, but overnight apparently some guys netted out almost ALL the fish!!! Well, they hadn't done too well, so again we all headed down to the mouth.

I opted for the lake, and again came up empty handed. They fished the direct interior of the mouth, and had something surface and take the strike indicator (twice!), but no luck either. By the time we left, it was very dark, the snow had come down significantly, and I saw ONE steelhead on a stringer (not very chromey though..was almost more like a regular stream-bred rainbow). So Sunday was simply an all around bust! Lots of snow, little fish!

Let's just say I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend; hopefully 3 days out on the rivers (I guarantee some more Milwaukee action; heck maybe I'll even head further north!).

Fair Hooks!


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